Online privacy has never been this free and easy.

Hide5 "rides on top" of your present email system and does not affect it in any way.

Place as many contacts as you wish in your "Friends and Selected Others" area. That area is for your eyes only. There is a link beneath each contact for private messaging.

The email address that you login with becomes encrypted in outgoing emails. You can list up to five other email addresses that you wish to be made anonymous, whenever desired.

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This system creates a default online community of members using its privacy features. Users have the option of posting a short profile on the site in the "Members Den".

Profile and photo can be hidden if desired. Profiles of under 100 characters are hidden automatically. However, we made profile text, along with names of all members, searchable by keyword(s). This feature creates a valuable hidden online resource.

A relatively small percentage of members opt to publicly post a profile, with or without a photo, in Members Den. Thousands of members choose to remain hidden. A search, using keyword(s) reveals them through shorter and, consequently, unviewed profiles. To repeat, posting in and networking through our Members Den is optional.

We developed and tested Hide5 locally. You can contact me through my own Members Den profile.

Stewart Ogilby
Sarasota, FL