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Below are some actual profiles submitted for the Club's non-web-based directory. They may be useful to you, as samples, if you write a profile.

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65-31/ I am a divorced white female, 5'3", 113 lbs., and am 47 years 

old. Southern lady looking for a nice man to talk to and get to know.

Love animals, cooking, camping and fishing. Honest, tender hearted and

good sense of humor. Sandy:                       


64-07/ 34 male, single from a beautiful island called Sri-Lanka. We 

have beautiful beaches, delicious tea and precious gems. My hobbies  

are cooking, listening to music (70's, 80's and 90's), gardening and 

friendship. I am a very friendly and broadminded person, like drinking

beer, BBQ's, but do not smoke. I wish to meet female friends from all

over the world of any age to buildup a true lasting friendship, so   

please write to me soon! Maxwell:                   


48-41/ Asian lady livig and working in Switzerland seeks penfriends  

from all over the world. I am in my 30's, enjoy reading, Internet,   

cooking, travelling and exchanging ideas. Sharon:                                      


42-44/ Married female (I qualify for senior discounts -'nuff said!)  

from Ohio looking for email friends. Interests are old movies, travel,

cats, books, country music (Jim Reeves fan), and anything about the   

Titanic. I collect angels and roses, enjoy eating out, writing and   

receiving email. What about you? Betty:       


42-19/ M-33, outgoing, fun, talkative and fun to be with. Audio-typist

at Peterborough Land Registry. Originally from small town near       

Nottingham (England). Enjoy chess, watching sports and tv soaps      

(esp. Coronation and Eastenders). Love swimming, 60's-80's music. I  

try to keep up with current affairs and occasionally read Agatha     

Christie, Dick Francis and Barbara Taylor-Branford novels.           



66-09/ I'm 23 yrs old, 5'9", 150#. 1/2 Filipino and 1/2 white. I     

just want to write, write, and write. I am stationed on a U.S. Navy  

vessel and whenever you guys wanna write, go on ahead and I'll write 

you back. Stanley ("Booger"):         


63-14/ 42yrs married man and disabled, from the north east of England.

Would like to email to anyone who enjoys emailing like myself. I     

enjoy swimming, ham radio, computers; also caravanning and the       

outdoors. Love animals - have a rough collie dog. I will reply to all

emails that I receive. Peter:                 


26-03/ Female, 39, SoCA, broad range of interests: textiles &        

fiberarts, design, music, travel, reading, hiking, golf, sports,     

Cornhusker fan, fun-loving, enjoy e-mail. I am married with 2 sons.  



35-04/ I am 46 years old and married. I was born in Hongkong,        

educated in England, and am presently living in the US. My hobbies   

are travelling, skydiving, scuba and skiing.  Very interested in      

writing to people from all over the world. Frank:      


39-04/ M-29, married, one daughter. I am a businessman in Buenos     

Aires, Argentina and would like to make contact with any beginners   

on the Internet. German:                             


65-09/ DWM-58, North American now in eighth layover year en route to 

Central America.  Loves Latin American, Southeast Asia (Thailand), and

Caribbean cultures.  Love the foods of Thailand.  Seek to write, also

involvement in small businesses.  Welcome your e-mail, especially S/D

ladies of Central America and Thailand.  Yes, I'm seeking.           



28-07/ I'm 29 and happily married with two children. Some of my      

interests are travel, cross stitch, exercise, and theater. I would   

like to have contact with people from America, Canada, and Australia.



62-08/ DWF, 29, fun, loves to dance and sing, likes animals. Would   

like to hear from exciting fun-loving people from all over, to lead  

into a good friendship, and maybe more later.                        



62-01/ I'm a 32 year-old Oriental lady living in U.S. I like cooking,

singing, karaoke, playing piano and guitar. I like to yell at my     

two older is still too young to yell at. Looking for

anybody with sense of humor. Please wb soon. Beth:  


39-09/ F-58, my hobbies are reading, traveling, walking the beach,   

and anything to do with whales, pelicans, dogs or cats. Married with 

one daughter, I would like to received E-mail. I am new to the       

electronic age, but learning fast. Maureen:


36-16/ I am a 48 year old male. I am married with 3 kids. My interests

are photography, genealogy, and everything computer related.         



39-17/ Columbus, OH: Hi, I'm Jeff, a single male, 37, who enjoys     

computers, fishing, hiking, science (particularly astronomy), reading,

NASCAR, and more. I would like to meet people from around the world. 



35-71/ F-44, social worker from U.S., interested in making email     

friends all over the world. I enjoy 60's and 70's music and am a big 

Beatles fan. I love to dance, travel, old movies, playing black jack,

learning about different cultures and, most of all, making new       

friends. I'd love to receive email from anyone. Write soon!          



68-18/ Hi!  am a native of Washington state.  I am interested in a 

variety of things.  I love to cook, listen to jazz and R&B, and I    

love to travel and vacation.  I am especially interested in Oriental 

or Asian countries and would very much enjoy receiving mail from     

women and men from these countries (any other too) and discussing    

lifestyles and making friends.  Lauren:             


30-18/ DWF living in South Africa. I am 39 and full of life. Have    

numerous interests and would like to correspond with people from     

anywhere about anything. Elaine:                   


61-08/ Single male (41) living in the North of England would like to 

build friendships with people sharing similar interests in North     

America or Western Europe. I enjoy most sports playing or watching,  

most sorts of music from country to rock and also visiting theatres to

see concert or musicals. Graham:                       


36-22/ I am a 51 year old male living in a small town in the Czech   

Republic. Wide interests: travelling, classic music, tennis,         

duplicate bridge, electronics and computer science. I like life,     

friends and humour above all. I think writing with friends is perfect

and painless method to improve my poor English. Igor:


35-45/ I'm a hopeless cyber-junky with plenty of other interests as  

well. I love my family, my friends (especially my cyberfriends), my   

animals, horseback riding, reading, running and tinkering with my    

homepage. Sally:      


40-018/ DM-47, eclectic life-history, heart tilts at windmills, mind 

analytic, pragmatic, interests diverse (natural philosopher, loves   

animals, still listens to rock, enjoys learning for learning's sake) 

tired of celibacy. seeks female friend(s) to assist in expression of 

being. Bruce:                               


62-21/ M-30, aerospace engineer - vehicle aerodynamics/styling.      

Fascinated by "transcendental science" (theoretical physics,          

consciousness' study) defying Cartesian mechanism. Enjoy philosophy  

discussions. Appreciate and create surrealistic/science fiction art  

and futuristic design. Practice yoga. Meditate with space music.     

Passionate, energetic, warm, friendly. Franco:         


65-12/ Hi, my name is Elouise, I'm 54 years of age, working on my    

third college degree. Have worked last 27 yrs for AT&T and looking   

forward to retirement. Divorced, two grown, married sons and three   

grandchildren. I love professional football, theater, and speak      

fluent Spanish. I'm looking for penpals between ages 50-65. Anyone   

interested, please write - Elouise:           


73-02/ M-56, married professional, Canadian. Interested in           

corresponding with fun-loving women (and men) who like to share      

personal experiences. I lived in Africa for years and was originally 

from the US. Bob:                                    


73-09/ I am happily married 28 years, aged 62 ex nurse. Interests:   

dogs, feng shui, spiritulists, colours, numerology, birthsigns,      

music (Irish or mixed). Collect angels and Buddhas. I am a vegetarian,

and happy to repl;y to anyone who has the time. Thank you.           



65-11/ I am a Nigerian resident in Italy.  I am 30 yrs. old and 1.8m 

tall.  My hobbies are computing, film acting, reading and writing,   

communicating with peaple around the world.  My priorities are       

disseminating information, sharing views, learning new things of     

novelty, and making new friends.  I have a lot to offer and will reply

to all.  Nick:                                  


42-42/ Hi! I am 21 yr old honorable male from Pakistan. I love music,

movies, sprots, cartoon, Discovery Channel, computers, and of course 

beautiful women. I like confident, brave, smart people who dare to do

anything to enjoy life. Like to hear from everyone around the world, 

esp. beautiful women under or at least of my age.                    

Asim Ali:                                       


68-02/ I am a 46 yr. old married female from Ohio, USA who works as an

RN in a nursing home.  I like reading, music, fishing, walking, TV,  

genealogy.  I would like casual email friends to shoot the breeze    

with.  Virginia:                                       


38-31/ He is a retired professor of education. She is a retired      

teacher of special education. They enjoy travel, movies, and world   

wide web. They hope club members will give them information about what

to see and where to stay in the areas/countries where they live.     

Burton and Norma:                                  


34-12/ Born in Singapore, came to Japan in 1940 and residing since   

then. Pensioner, with plenty of time and not enough money to spend   

them, so E-mailing should be the best solution. Interested in all    

aspects of life, loves traveling and reading.                         



45-30/ I am a 40's woman working and living in Tokyo. My hobbies are 

traveling, talking and hiking. I would like to communicate with people

all over the world about their lifestyles and business. I look forward

to hearing from you. Hideko:                 


45-03/ SF-38 mom of little kids; born in Chile, I have lived in      

Marbella, Spain, for 5 years. Wish to meet people (35+) from West    

Europe. I like to talk about life, spiritual matters, astrology. I own

a small restaurante. Hobbies: outdoors, movies, travels, 70's music, 

classical music, walking, skiing & windsurfing. I enjoy life and like

people with a good sense of humor. Valeria:              


36-34/ Male from Austria, 36 years old, PhD (musicology). Working    

in music research and education. Enjoys music, cats and fine food. I 

will be glad to receive email in English or German from females up   

to 35 from anywhere in the world. Friedrich:           


35-21/ I am a retired banker, living in Florida for the past 13      

years. I served in a B-24 Liberator Squadron of the U.S. Navy during 

World War II and am presently a member of the Fleet Air Wing 7       

Research Group. I'm new to the Internet and will answer all e-mail   

promptly. Bill:                                     


46-18/ MF in mid 40's, Japan. Studied in the U.S. for two and a half 

years in my mid 20's. Would like to communicate with you in Japanese 

or English. Let's discuss frankly about our everyday life. I like    

reading non-fiction and enjoy chatting and gardening.                



70-03/  MWF 40's mom of twins.  Professional with many interests such

as food, wine, the beach, the sea, the outdoors in general.  Music,  

art, writing, reading, acting, fitness, science, the Bible, archeology

and astronomy.  Interested in meeting folks all over the world for fun

conversation.  Will write to anyone who cares to write to me.        



27-07/ Female, age 66; born in USA of Welsh-German heritage. Likes   

dancing, dining, travel and good general chit-chat. Would like to    

exchange e-mail with happy, good dispositioned person age 60-75.     



34-26/ DM-60, 5'10"-160#, trim, active, semi-retired, overeducated,  

liberal, raised W VA, reside MD suburbs of DC. Interests: people -   

communication, all literature*: classics, modern fiction, biographies,

philosophy, psychology, Sci Fi, etc.; outdoors, camping, canoeing,   

hiking; science, health, music, movies; moral, ethical, honest, not  

formally religious. Gene:                          


26-13/ 60 yr old married father of 2 daughters, NY Central/Conrail   

retiree enjoys railroad chat, nature photography, good conversation, 

and gardening. The winter in upstate NY is miserable and I would like

to have some e-mail when I come in from shoveling SNOW. I will answer

all. Richard:                               


40-61/ MWF lives in Northern Canada, operating room nurse, would like

to learn more about nursing in other countries, USA in particular.   

Loves getting email from new people and old, will answer all. Animal 

and snowmobile lover, but getting very tired of the cold.             



21-06/ Middle-aged young woman wishing to pen-pal with males and     

females from southern California (Orange Co. area) and Tasmania,      

Australia (Hobart area), and all others are very welcome. I am new to

the "net" and wish to make friends (not lovers). Hope to hear from   

many of you out there real soon! Nina:       


18-04/ Hola Mondo! I grew up in Morocco and Madrid, Spain (10 years) 

and really want to meet anyone from other countries/cultures and     

people who have lived overseas. I love music, dancing, theater, people

of all ages, and singing! Who's out there from different countries? I

want to hear from you! Patti:                 


26-16/ SWM 39, owned by cat with attitude; unique sense of humor and 

love anything or anyone musical and /or poetic; love kids and animals.

Most of the time they think I'm OK too; enjoy "deep" conversations,  

making friends. Wish to hear from anyone, married or single, with kind

heart, open mind, and a yen for e-mail. Rick:        


32-18/ Male-49, living in Queensland, Australia, interested in       

sports, walking while listening to audio book tapes. I am honest and 

loyal and looking for friends from all over. I hate dishonesty and   

insincerity. I work for the Department of Emergency Services and     

would like to hear from anyone. Barry:               


69-09/ New net nut.. I'm so new I can't express; typing is something 

I've never done. I'm a single parent. Pizza Biz 20 yrs, sold all     

stores doing great. 49 world's oldest teenager looking for a place   

to move. Like to ski! Bene:                  


68-05/ Hi! I am from Canada.  I like to know people from all over the

world.  I love to travel, sports, animals, computers.  Write to me,  

maybe we can be friends.  Elise:                   


43-38/ Married 68 yr old male native Texan that gave up Texas        

citizenship when I moved to Colorado in 1967. Retired major oil      

company geologist. Live in Littleton, suburb of Denver. Avid golfer, 

E-mailer, Air Force Academy football freak. Served in Air Force in   

Europe, N. Africa, Saudi Arabia, & US. Tony:


67-05/ Born and bred Iowan, loves to write and recieve letters. I am 

most interested in new cultures, but will reply to those who are my  

neighbors as well.  I will NOT reply to any males....sorry guys!  My 

loves are my family (married, two sons), college (to be a paralegal),

reading, a little writing (been published in a national magazine),   

cooking, traveling, history and architecture.  If you think we have  

something in common, write!  Jolene:              


35-26/ I am a widower in my 70's, living in Arizona. Just returned   

from a trip around the world on a container ship. Trying to catch    

up with events. Lawrence:                           


28-12/ WM-46, married 26 yrs. Daughter 24, married, 1 child; son 19, 

at home. Interests: unionism, woodworking, reading, auto mechanics,  

pool (like in 8-ball), , computing, CB radio (like in Sideband), etc.

Like meeting new people and definitely like to talk. Will respond to 

e-mail based on schedule as a shift worker. George:


48-30/ mwm-60, married 35 yrs. Living in West Virginia for the last 5

yrs., transplanted from Ohio. Have worked in coal preparation for 31 

yrs. Hobbies: wife, one son, two grandchildren, Web Net, and most    

outdoor activities. Would like to correspond with all walks of life. 



41-52/ Retired active WM-60, 5'8"-140#, from So. Calif. Travel       

extensively with long-term friend in motorhome. Anyone out there from

St. Thomas? Love nature, travel, Dachshunds & sharing experiences with

mature open-minded people. I collect Mission Furniture. Let's chat.  



04-70/ French, living in the beautiful town of Heidelberg, Germany. I

enjoy traveling, reading books about personal development, studying  

men/women relationships, building computers and much more. I would   

like to hear from SF 20-30 from all over the world. For description  

and pictures,   



23-20/ 49 yrs, married, male, white. Lawyer. Involved in SCUBA,      

skiing, volunteer EMT, reading and theater. Two kids, a son (20) in  

college and a daughter (18) in high school. Bob:  


34-27/ I am a single male, 42, and live in Ohio near Cleveland. I    

design metal working machinery. My interests include baseball        

(lifelong Cleveland Indians fan), one-time Cleve. Browns fan,        

NASCAR Auto Racing and electronics (yes, computers). I would be      

interested in correspondence from women from outside of the US and   

will try to answer all that reply. Jim:            


30-08/ Young 65; Hi! My name's Jim, have a ranch near small town in  

Texas. Lots of stock. Like scuba, jewelry making, rc planes, travel. 

New user, would like email from anyone, esp. Europe and Mexico.      



90-027/ M-48; has own business, sometimes gets daytime lonelies;     

resides in W. NY State. Would enjoy contact with anyone interesting, 

especially females. I am degreed, outgoing, like outdoors, nature,   

sex, stimulating conversation, culture, etc. Free spirit, open minded.



50-12/ I'm single, female, 39, living in northern California.        

Interests: movies, bowling, reading, writing, member of local computer

club. I contribute articles to their bi-monthly newsletter. I'm      

seeking more writing oportunities, male and female email pals, and   

open to finding a boyfriend. Marsha:                  


40-34/ Married, 3rd ager, still wondering what I want to be when I   

grow up. Have been a school teacher, personnel manager, and 50% owner

of a granite & marble fabrication business. Now a mfrs. rep and      

blackjack dealer for local casino. Enjoy computer skills, Internet & 

email. So many exciting things to do and not enough time to do them  

all. Let's talk!!! David:                             


40-20/ MM-71, lives with wife, Joyce, in small market town in the east

of England. Current interest is trying to understand the infernal    

machine used to type this profile. Have been into motorbikes, archery,

canal boats, rc model flying and gliding. Love travel and meeting    

people. This is a wonderful way to speak to interesting folk around  

the world. Ron and Joyce:                     


47-29/ DBM 60 yrs. young, living in Newport News, VA. I am new to the

Web and would love to hear from any Club member. I enjoy the movies, 

plays, concerts and the outdoor scene. I live alone, so I have plenty

of time for email. Durant:                          


47-21/ New to email. Looking for thinkers, discussers, thought       

provoking people for chatter. Books, theater, movies, TV, sports, you

name it, just want to chat about it. Hope to hear from you.           



43-43/ MWF age 36 years. I live in England with my husband and       

children - James, aged 5, and Olivia aged 3. New to the Internet. I  

would like to hear from anyone with advice on staying sane during the

upcoming 7-week summer holidays! Jayne:       


34-10/ Widow, 56, with zest for life loves traveling, meeting new    

people, reading, swimming, cooking, discussing any topic (within     

reason) with another interesting adult. Presently retired, I once    

owned own business, taught HS math and courses in real-estate sales. 

I live in southern GA and am interested in exchanging e-mail with    

people from all areas of USA and other countries. Looking forward to 

hearing from YOU. Gayle:                     


04-235/ Mobile, AL Grad student, 30, SWM 5'10"-160#. Lifelong Yankee 

trying to love Dixie. Interests include meeting intiguing people,    

travel, cuisine, most sports. Looking for stimulating E-mail         

correspondence, particularly with attractive SWF's 21-39.            



60-08/ I'm a female writer/researcher who writes general interest    

articles about technical topics in a journalistic or public relations

vein. Also enjoy reading fiction and international news. Would like to

chat with others who have the imagination and eloquence to help me see

the world through their eyes. Barbara:             


41-48/ M-47. I live in the south of England (just outside Portsmouth).

My interests are history (1900-1946), travel, reading, music and     

friendship.  I am just looking for friendship.                        



60-04/ MWM-55, Analyst/Programmer, has daughter aged 11 and three    

mindless cats. Interested in BBSing, anything computer related,      

reading, music, and e-mail. Located in Bedford, England, I'm looking 

for new friends, new horizons. Les:                 


37-09/ SWF-49 interested in dialog with people who enjoy new thoughts,

sharing experiences and maintaining positive attitude. Witty, good   

sense of humor a plus. I enjoy music, theater, movies, reading,      

gourmet cooking, learning about ethnic cultures and their cuisines.  

Manage busy office but usually have time to exchange email in the    

evening. Sandy:                                


42-32/ Senior lady from N.B., Canada, new to the net. I enjoy snow   

skiing and we have lots of it, bowling, gardening, biking, the beach 

and sun. I would like to hear from anyone anywhere.                  



45-34/ MWF-60+, Interests: writing - have been published; cats - have

two; unicorns - collecting pictures and ornaments; country music -   

prefer older style; rodeo - as a spectator, of course; supernatural -

I use some of these themes in my writing; native Canadian/American   

mythology - (again, for writing, but I also collect pictures and     

ornaments). Florence:                        


17-20/ Hi! I'm a 50+ WWF with a good sense of humor. Live in Rhode   

Island, winter in Sarasota, FL. Interests are computers (yes, I surf 

the WWW), travel, jazz, art, dancing, reading. A bossy red Doberman, 

Sheba, shares my home. Drop me a line. Beverly:     


26-32/ SF, raised in NE, lives in SE, would enjoy especially meeting 

folks connected with children's entertainment/television production  

clowning/elementary education. Am also fascinated with tall ships,   

schooners, Caribbean and tropical islands Look forward to hearing from

you. Robin:                                         


25-44/ Reader, loves to discuss books; likes Jane Smiley, James Lee  

Burke, Anne Tyler; always looking for good authors. Teacher:         

government, economics, geography. Walker and swimmer; cook (mostly   

vegetarian). Humor: far side. I love: The Net, cats, art, music,     

"color", movies. I hate: housework, sitcoms. Ann:       


46-08/ Active military for 20+ yrs. Atheist, married to the same     

great guy for 23 yrs. Two terrific sons. Love to travel, read, garden

and cross stitch. Will chat about any topic, to any person regardless

of age, gender, nationality or religion. Dixie:    


21-18/ I am on good days, 47 yrs young, and a SWM in SW Oregon. Work 

for Forest Service in Trails/Wilderness. Appreciate honesty, sense of

humor and eclectic interests. I run, hike, bird, botanize, like      

classical music, movies, sharing .gifs and veggie food (if ice cream 

included). Rene:


34-17/ MWM, young 71, retired in southwest Utah. I am busier than    

ever as a computer newbie trying to keep up with 7 kids, 19 grandkids,

and 6 great-grandkids. Other interests include: golf, travel, reading,

music, flying and family activities. Seeking interesting new e-mail  

friends of all ages. Richard:                          


35-19/ Hi! from Beijing, China. Male, 30 yrs., single, Computer      

Network Engineer. Looking for a friend over Internet and co-operator 

on business, etc. I enjoy traveling, reading, computer, trading. I'd 

love communication with people all over the world. Will write to all 

who e-mail me. Jibing:                              


33-27/ Hi! My name is Linda and I live in Denver, Colorado. If you'd 

like to know more about me and see a photo.                         



33-01/ F-36, Singapore; I am interested in Fine Arts and music       

(everything from musicals to Rod Stewart) and reading almost         

everything except politics. Also interested in cooking.              



05-136/ New Orleans, LA. I'm a SM, 20, majoring in Computer Science. 

I like swimming, photography, languages (Spanish, English, and       

starting to learn French), and to travel a lot (especially by car).  

I'm really interested in receiving E-mail from everybody. And who    

knows, I might someday be passing by your city.                      



26-40/ Newspaper writer and freelancer for true crime magazines; likes

movies, classic rock music, and "damsel in distress" scenarios.      

Hobbies: outdoors - hiking and swimming. Frank:    


37-27/ I computer for fun and entertainment, but also to keep        

current with new technology. It's a challenge!! And I love it!! I have

five children and eight grandchildren living in different areas of the

USA. Email is great for us. I hope to find new penpals through this  

club. Mitzie:                                           


43-10/ MWM married 44 yrs. Currently doing time with third wife (38  

yrs), love chocolate. Been on 10 cruises, been to Israel, Europe,    

lived in Hawaii 6 yrs. Just a working man who has been blessed over  

and over. Retired and will answer your mail! Ron:  


18-08/ Southeastern USA; WM-54, Exec VP, major paper company.        

Interests: fitness, health, diet, and avid runner; have been doing   

marathons since 1979. CABG surgery 2 yrs. ago. Especially interested 

in corresponding with individuals anywhere who have or had cardiac   

problems, male or female. Victor:                      


60-03/ I am a 46 year old (married) man who is learning the Russian  

language. I hope to visit there some day. I would like to correspond 

with someone, any age, in a Russian speaking country. My interests   

are reading, writing, swimming, gardening, learning Russian, and more.

I can write in Russian (KOI-8) or English. Dale:         


42-20/ I'm a 30 years old Spanish teacher, working in the province of

Tarragona, a well-known tourist site. I speak Castillian, English and

Catalan. My hobbies are computers, the Internet and traveling. Hope to

hear from anyone in the Internet and E-mail world.                   



28-14/ White male, retired, widower. I live alone and am just learning

computers. James:                                      


57-18/ Married Male - 50 yrs. old. Reside in SE Alaska, great outdoors

and the sea are my hobbies. Resource protection and chartering are my

business. I love to travel and meet people, watch good movies and eat

popcorn. Desire to communicate with everyone, from anywhere, anytime.



19-14/ SWM-40. Fun looking guy for entertaining interactions with fun

ladies through e-mail. I love movies, comedy clubs, nature, sex,     

exotic stuff, racquet sports, pizza (no I'm not fat), massage, and   

spontaneous adventure. Hop on board. Paul:  


47-16/ I retired after 37 years as a US Treasury special agent in the

Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Customs. Artist and sculptor by hobby.

Traveled the world - 2 tours, 8 years in Paris. I welcome email from 

overseas. George:                           


37-45/ SM-31 from Costa Rica. I manage company exporting wooden gifts

and am interestested in getting in touch with people who like to     

enjoy life and are interested in spiritual growth. I like traveling, 

sharing time with people from other cultures, listening to music, and

going to the beach. Costa Rica is a beautiful country. Take a chance 

and give me a try. Emilio:                    


33-07/ Ansio correspondencia en espanol con cualquier persona, tengo 

40 anos ymi anos ymis perferencias son variadas (pasatiempos).       



26-08/ Alfred, Maine. I am a 39 year old married lady with a 7 year  

old daughter. Some of my interests include: woodworking, crafts of all

kinds, home improvement, cross-country skiing, hiking, biking. I hate

staring at an empty in-box. Looking for friends from all over. Will  

write back  to all. Ellen:                   


17-16/ Male 67, born in England, immigrated to Toronto, Ont., in     

1956; currently wintering in FL, spending summers in Toronto and     

traveling. Hobby: GOLF, GOLF, GOLF. Noel:             


38-05/ M-31, Italy. Intersts: travel (have been in Germany, Holland, 

Denmark, Sweden, France, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia,  

Spain, Ukraine, Ireland, Thailand, and S. to Domingo), fly, fish,    

good food, sun, sea, music, stimulating conversation, play football  

and tennis. Live in PortoVenere ("Harbor of Venus") and hope for     

email from all over the world. Paolo:                     


44-28/ I am from Turkey, am 28 years old, and have a travel agency in

Turkey. I like life, music and holidays. I am looking for a suitable 

female. Why don't you write me soon? Gokhan:    


35-40/ MWM-50. Special Agent, U.S. State Department. Happily married 

with two young sons. Reside in Fairfax County, VA. I do international

criminal investigation. Avid runner, have completed Marine Corps     

marathon. Interested in talking with anyone with a sense of humor.   



28-05/ DWM-43, South Africa. Microsoft Solution Developer (Excel,    

Access). Living is romantic sex, mountain biking, squash, swimming,  

wine tasting, toastmasters, heavy-metal music, bird watching, sci-fi,

the games people play. Going to New Zealand this year & need contacts

there. Tony:                                       


17-09/ I'm a FL "snowbird" in winter and ranch in Montana summer.    

Baby-boomer, self-employed market trader, dabbles in computing, loves

literature and travel; very environmentally concerned. Loves         

discussing social and issues affecting our world.                    



28-18/ Early 50's male who recently finished University administration

and teaching jobs and enjoying travelling, doing other exciting      

research jobs, who many years lived in the Pacific, New Zealand, and 

now resides in Sydney. Loves playing golf, music, emails, meeting    

people from all walks of life. Would email anyone with similar       

interests. Ram:                               


67-12/ WF43, attractive, California native, Owner/President large Art

Publishing Company.  Married.  Travel frequently for business/       

pleasure.  Enjoy imagination, science fiction, writing, movies,      

nature, animals, spiritual philosophy and exploring during long walks.

Healthy appreciation of science/technology.  Love people and meeting 

new friends, especially those who love to write.                      



41-11/ Male, retired in Arizona, just cruised past 79, spent 40+ years

in education, high-school mathematics in NY State. Considerable      

contact with talented kids in math contests, etc. Immersed at present

in genealogy. Interested in contacts in Alsace-Lorraine and Ireland. 

Dabble in doggerel. Gene:                            


70-169/ Nurse, DWF-43, loves the outdoors. Will correspond with either

M or F. Ronnie:                            


54-19/ 29-year old single woman from Texas. I am a professional      

musician (flute player), and would enjoy talking to other musicians  

around the world. I also enjoy gardening, cats and tennis. I look    

forward to any and all email! Judy:          


17-21/ Widowed white male, mid 60's. Originally from New Jersey.     

Permanent home is now Bradenton, FL. Interested in all sports,       

especially baseball and football. I enjoy fishing, gardening, and     

Las Vegas. John:                                      


33-08/ Female, 61, openminded, married, 2 grown children, couple of  

cats, interested in most everything, learning new stuff everyday. Work

out at gym 3 times a week and study Course in Miracles. Love getting 

mail from all over the world. Wilma:              


34-18/ Kelowna, B.C., Canada, female, 20 yrs, looking for a friend to

chat with over the Internet. Interests include swimming, writing,    

rollerblading and partying. Or, if you want to talk about just about 

anything I am the one to talk to. I enjoy chatting with people around

the world. Please e-mail me! Heather:                


32-04/ The Netherlands: MM-31 (wife is 34), no children, two dogs    

(one a rhodesian ridgeback), would like to E-mail anyone who wishes  

to communicate through this new and astounding medium. My wife and I 

often visit the States so if anyone there has tips on places to see, 

just drop us a line. Lex:                                  


90-201/ DC, executive M-43. Curious about everyone and everything.   

Interests: fantasy/sci-fi, writing, guitar, reptiles, relationships  

with women, humor, running, philososophy, politics, sex, sports,     

music. I love the beach. Looking to exchange ideas with interesting  

people. No limits. I hate limits. David:         


57-14/ DWM-36, British, but currently living in Bermuda. Computer    

professional. I like reading, music (almost everything except        

country!), motorsports, and the great `outdoors'. Attempting to learn

golf. Looking to correspond and make new friends with anyone.        



31-02/ I'm 69 years young, male, 6'2", divorced, retired, live in the

beautiful countryside of the South Island of New Zealand and         

interested in everthing in life, people and animals. I would like    

email (or even snail-mail) with interested members in Canada, Ireland,

the Isle of Man, Spain, Argentina and whoever chooses to write.      



70-008/ UK, 61 yrs. young, married, 3 grown children, retired from   

work, has time on hands, would like to hear from Middle East, Japan  

and Singapore for starters. Also collects cloth sew-on badges from   

town or city where person replying lives.                            



68-17/ Sagittarian female, 34 y/o, Year of the Dragon.  Healthcare   

profession.  Avid book reader, creative and artistic; loves nature,  

fishing, poetry, music; good cook and can karaoke too!!!  Would like 

to meet people and make friends of any age around the world for      

cultural enrichment.  First time to have own access to the net;      

still learning and exploring it.  "It's still a beautiful world."    



61-03/ SWM-33, likes sports, especially water-skiing, walking in the 

rain, and more. I invest in collectibles as an occupation. Not fat,  

not skinny, but in between. A big Teddy Bear. Ross:


40-67/ DWM-47 going on 30, introspective, short (but sweet), marcom  

executive, newly alone in high-rise Chicago - thrives on intellectual

but down-to-earth conversation. Anyone (female=particularly pleasant)

with an inquisitive mind, gift of gab and sense of humor is welcome to

make contact. Greg:                              


41-54/ Rafael (Ralph) is Columbian-born and holds a PhD in Spanish and

Latin-American History. Hobbies are reading, writing and traveling.  

Enjoys jogging, tennis, golf, and snow skiing. He has written several

book, in both Spanish and English, and some have been best-sellers.  



27-12/ 52 year old divorced female (one son, 27) living in the       

beautiful Big Sky Country of Montana, small town. Office manager for 

road construction company. Loves hiking in the mountains, reading,   

people and E-mail. Pat:                               


30-42/ Male 52; married professional in motion picture & TV industry.

I like movies, music concerts, Egyptology, world & wild life         

preservation. Seeking correspondence with woman who has similar      

interests. Could also help you with your concept, script or literary 

adaptation for file. Scott:                     


68-16/ MWM - 50 years young.  Happily married, two doughters, two    

dogs, did have one bird, (escaped).  I work for the Dept.of          

Corrections, 18 years now.  I'm a Christian, I've been around the    

world a few times in my younger years.  I have found e-mail to be a  

outlet tool.  Would enjoy chatting with just about anyone from       

any area.  Have a lot to share.  Penpal in need of a Penpal.         



22-06/ DWM 5'-10", 160#; Artist-pastel acrylics; retired AF fighter  

pilot. Originally from SC, I live in the Florida panhandle near the  

gulf. Physically fit (swim & nautilus. Would love to correspond with 

other artists or art lovers. My web page (write me) includes my photo

and my art. Jim:                                


22-11/ Sarasota, FL; enthusiastic MF with outgoing personality. I am 

very new to the computer but have jumped in with both feet (new      

Pentium, soon to have direct PPP Internet connection); I love sports,

cooking and I need email contacts! Betsy:     


54-01/ F-35, born in Puerto Rico, currently resides in Germany. I    

speak Spanish and English.  A singe parent, I am a service member of 

in the US Army.  I am interested in computers, travel, making friends,

ceramics, sewing, and collecting plates. Elizabeth:


35-23/ MWM-65, retired engineer in So. CA. Active in flying, RV      

travel, amateur radio, computers and Internet, stock market, manage  

apartment properties, and learning to play the clarinet. Enjoy       

walking, dancing, bikeing, exploring, bridge, and siteseeing.        

Interested in E-mail with anyone with similar interests. Val:       


49-15/ Happily married Dutch male (54) enjoying life with wife and son

(11). Many interests: geography, history, education, environment, etc.

Hobbies: windmills, motorcycles and building on our house. Want to   

learn as much as I can. It would be nice to know more about lifestyles

and traditions of people world-wide. Lambert:      


66-14/ Married white male - 57 years old. Teach at technical college.

Wife retired from teaching last year. Enjoy country music, southern  

Utah, flying airplanes, fishing and gardening. Live in mid-west.     

Looking for someone to chat with by way of email.                    



35-09/ SWM-46, new to computers and looking for someone to talk about

IBM computers, software and hardware, and to share a ride on the     

Information Superhighway (to give me some directions). I'm a NOVICE  

at all of them. If you like to chat about these too, then please do  

send me E-mail! JR:                               


29-24/ I am a student in Germany and would like to correspond with   

anybody. In order to train my foreign languages a bit I would also   

like to read and write from anybody who speaks Spanish or French.    

Call me Dwarf:                               


39-58/ I am interested in books, tapestry work, knitting, gambling,  

but most of all love communicating with people. I will answer all    

e-mail. Debbie:                                   


35-13/ MF, drag racer & current NHRA N/SA record holder. Loves NASCAR,

drag racing, cooking, reading, needlepoint, mountains, email,        

computing, travel and quiet time. Currently living in AZ, moving to  

SW coast of FL in Jan. of '97. Husband wants boat at back door, race 

cars in garage and grocery getters at fron door <g>! Want "net pals",

please email me. Marka:                           


29-10/ Senior retired couple, live in Florida in the winter and Ohio 

the rest of the year. David is new to computers and interested in    

stocks and biography; Betty enjoys art and music. We look forward to 

hearing from you. David & Betty:           


25-13/ TEXAS: I am a former foreign language teacher (French &        

Spanish) who is captivated by the Internet! My husband is a marine   

pilot and my sons are 17 & 16, soon to graduate from high school. I  

would love to correspond with others who enjoy E-mail and making     

friends. I enjoy corresponding in French as well as in English. Oh!  

And I love raising box turtles! Pat:                 


64-14/ Born in 1941, married, and live in the outskirt of Beirut. My 

son is 24 yrs. I am an accomplished athlete, train at home 5 times a 

week. I love boxing, swimming and walking. I read a lot. I travelled a

lot in the past. I love the movies and am a good tango dancer, which 

music is the food of the soul. Would like to have email pals from all

over the world. George:                           


34-01/ I am a 49 year old divorced female. I have 4 grown children   

and 2 grandchildren (#3 is on the way). I am alone most of the time  

and I am looking for E-mail friends. My hobbies are, reading, cross  

stitch and the computer. Please email me. Te:       


62-18/ SM-36, from German. I wish to meet a female penpal from       

anywhere. I have many interests, especially my cats, reading novels, 

movies, music, computers and ballgames. I would love to hear from you

soon. Please write. Michael:                  


34-08/ Petite, attractive lady, university professional, young 53,   

long golden red hair, blue eyes. Enjoy travel, tennis, mini-golf,    

reading, long walks, working out, computers, good movies & music,    

nature, fine dining, etc. Looking for kind-hearted, intelligent,     

non-smoking gentleman, gentle, patient, romantic, similar interests, 

probably a professional. Diana:                   


05-138/ I am employed in the packaging field. I love to play GOLF.   

I travel for pleasure 2-3 times a year and have friends all over the 

country. I check into CompuServe daily. I'm looking for a few new M/F

E-mail friends. Ken:                                 


39-25/ Brasilian, 32, surfer and businessman, recently kicked out of a

long-term relationship, looking for new friends on the Net - will    

answer all, but with very special attention to single women under my 

age (older than 20 please!) Cesar:            


43-25/ MF-35 from state of Connecticut, would like to have penpals   

from around the world. My interests are: penpal writing (6 yrs),     

surfing the Net, science, nature, animals, geology, archeology,      

houseplants, traveling, hiking, science fiction on TV and in the     

movies and anything and everything to do with dinosaurs! Hope to hear

from you soon. Noreen:                         


61-09/ M-28. I live in Bashkortostan, a sovereign republic of the    

former USSR located in the south Urals. Graduated university 5 yrs.  

ago and work in investor-relations of the electic company in Ufa. I  

took a course in Israel in Management & Economics. I love music and  

art, am fond of sports, especially tennis and soccer. I also like    

cactuses very much. Dmitri:                


50-077/ Irish Mensan, female, into sex, skiing, Star Trek, Science   

Fiction, Ancient Ireland (Sex again!), horse riding, traveling, crime,

graphology, Tarot cards, etc., will write back if you sound          

interesting. Eileen:                       


39-37/ M-53 living in the UK. Retired museum manager who likes       

gardening, classical music, history, nature, reading, languages,     

collecting commemorative medals, spending too much time on his new   

computer. Would be pleased to correspond with any member on the      

subjects mentioned, or any other. Stan:                


30-24/ I'm a Japanese male in late 30's, with wife, 7 year-old       

daughter and 5 year-old son. I enjoy woodworking, gardening, and many

other hobbies. Seeking e-mail pals for my daughter and son (all      

countries, all races, male and female but same generation, 5-10 yrs.)

and for myself. Marina (daughter), Amane (son) and Takeshi (myself): 



40-44/ MWF from Florida, living in Illinois. I love animals, music,  

reading, handwriting analysis (it's a science and it's fun), movies, 

summertime, flowers, and the ocean. New to web, I'd love to hear from

people all over the world. How old would you be if you didn't know   

how old you are? Laurel:                                


60-10/ Retired (23 yr. travel industry), 63 - mother of 2, Granny of 6

(3 Australia, 3 Scotland). Home Perth, Western Australia. Interests: 

Internet, family, reading, "playing" with my PC, listening to music, 

grandchildren, amateurish painting & writing, life in general.       

Ordinary and happy! Mollie:                     


40-50/ Former bassoonist/QA number-cruncher, current first grade     

teacher, baby-boomer s-mom in California want to share/debate views  

about raison d'etre and to share enjoyment of travel, language,      

science, fine arts, and Pavarotti's singing. I hope to make your     

acquaintance! Parma:                               


27-08/ Retired male, Charleston, SC, interested in reading, history, 

politics and social issues, religion, and classical big-band music   

(not necessarily in that order). Experienced husband, father,        

grandfather, and corporate citizen. Do we have common interests?     



22-14/ M-26, loves to travel, meet new people, and to talk about     

anything. I hope to actually meet some of my e-mail friends and can  

always use a tour guide when traveling. I love to study German in my 

spare time. Todd:                                 


27-36/ Single M-20; Gibraltarian studying in UK - BA (Hon.) QTS,     

Business Studies, at Univ. of Wolverhampton. Interests: role-playing,

computer, photography, story writing, war-gaming, socialising, e-mail.

Looking for e-mail friends, UK preferably, for higher possibilities of

IRL meetings. Speaks fluent English and Spanish. . Kevin:  


27-37/ 49 year old male, married. Self-employed, living in Gibraltar.

Interests: e-mailing, HAM radio, computing. Looking for e-mail       

pen-pals. Speaks fluent English and Spanish.                         



26-45/ This blue-eyed former Air France Ground Hostess (JFK) (now in 

her own business) would like to hear from people who enjoy travel,   

classical music, etc. I am somewhere around the middle of my life,   

athletic, slim, prone to laughter, sensual and easy to get along with.

I travel frequently, especially to Acadia Park in Maine and to       

relatively unknown but gorgeous areas of South West France. Club     

members visiting NYC or Long Island who want to meet for coffee or   

lunch should contact me. Joan:              


36-47/ M-63, retired in Deming, New Mexico. I like tarot, astrology, 

etc. Have much to learn. Enjoy discussions of the unknown. Workshops 

in Touch for Health, massage, reflexology, etc. A Healing Touch      

practitioner. Body energy is a fascinating subject for me.           



66-17/ Englishwoman, 40's, single, living in Europe, enjoys reading, 

cooking, travelling, line dancing, singing, gardening, music (except 

modern jazz!), water colour painting and walking my dog on the beach.

Love meeting up with friends.  Very happy to meet anyone from        

anywhere!  Diana:                             


36-54/ Displaced Yankee in the South would like email penpals from all

over the world. I'm a teacher, mom of 2 grown, but not gone, children.

:-) . I like to read, cross-stitch, and learn about the world I      

haven't seen, which is most of it. Please write.                     



60-063/ Conversation only, on shared interests especially, including:

books (Heller, Vonnegut, Irving and like); rock music (Who, Kinks,   

Replacements); football (American and Soccer). Political and social  

extremist. Traditionalists won't like me.Weirdos might.              



34-15/ I am a 48 year old happily married lady cop from Florida (a   

newbie in computerland) and am interested in making friends from all 

over the land via my computer. I enjoy drawing, painting, pets,      

gardening and most important, people. I like to walk, listen and     

write. Will answer all! Suzy:                 


40-09/ Married, white male, 56, loves family, friends, E-mail penpals,

fishing, boating, campfies, & all that nature offers. I would like to

correspond with anyone between ages 25-90. Larry:


51-12/ MM-75, retired. I do volunteer work for deaf, blind & poor    

people. Utopian socialist, atheist. Lived in Puerto Rico (1940-46).  

Was bi-lingual teacher (math, Spanish). NYC RR Electrician, secretary

IBM Research. In Freeport, Bahamas Dec.-Apr.; Ossining, NY (May-Nov.).

Wife, Edith, late deafened, but now has cochlear implant.            



22-12/ Senior citizen, retired 12 years, finds excitement through    

email with far-away (and nearby) places. Uses computer for part-time 

avocation of income tax preparation/electronic filing. Avid reader,  

interested in history, paranormal reports, politics, psychology,     

philosophy, anything except sports. John:            


30-23/ SWM; from the rock bound coast of Maine. My interests are golf,

travel, and woodworking in my own shop, where I build or create      

anything from the sawmill to the living room. Would like to e-mail   

both M/F from all over the world on any subject, any age. Will answer

all incoming mail. Fred:                                


27-38/ Twice widowed M-early 60's; I teach on the Rocky Boy Indian   

Reservation in Nonthern Montana, Biology and high-school counselor.  

Also on staff of local college, teaching computers. Enjoy camping,   

golf, fishing, and am AVID Dallas Cowboys fan. Interested in emailing

with anyone. Jerry:                                 


36-57/ I would like to hear from female E-mail friends in Canada     

(especially Quebec), Scandanavia, and anywhere considered to be      

"snow country" (I love snow). I will answer all replies.             



20-16/ Hello from Germany! I am a M23 studying economics at the      

University of Marburg who enjoys traveling, music, going to the      

theater, and having fun. Tino:          


55-01/ Massachusetts DWF-43, mother of two adult children, no longer 

at home. Profession: accountant (hate it!), Voracious reader; can be a

bit of a couch potato. Enjoy soft rock music, crocheting, motorcycles,

white water rafting and waterskiing. Fairly new to the Internet and  

hope to find a few sincere and lasting email friendships through     

this club! Alison:                           


43-27/ Male-70 yrs-Retired electronic technician. Hobby is learning  

French of which am self taught. Rather correspond in French. Am not a

serious person, but can be on occasion...Jay:         


27-22/ This 46 y/o SWF from Northern New Jersey who is honest,       

considerate, and intelligent with a good sense of humor is seeking to

e-mail a S?DWM with similar qualities for friendship and hopefully   

more. My interests include reading, movies, music, crafts, exercising,

and last but not least my cute pooch, Marvin.                        



29-22/ WWF age 82, semi-handicapped but still alert, looking to      

exchange thoughts about getting older w/ someone else going through  

this same stage. Living alone at the seashore w/ my faithful cat.    

Enjoy painting, photography, computers, genealogy & swim therapy     

sessions. Betty:                                


25-32/ I am a SWM 38 screenwriter in LA. Love to make contact with   

women and men in the biz. Would also enjoy hearing from people not in

biz and their take on movies and life in the 90's.                   



23-11/ Canadian, new to Internet, married, I go to Florida for the   

winter, like art, golf, have psoriasis - anyone out there the same?  

Like to have email friends. Barbara:                


68-15/  Sizzling sunshine kisses blue frothy Lake Erie waves in      

Northern Ohio, USA, while this 43 year old married man, Jack,        

sprinkles this profile into cyberspace.  Professionally, an          

engineering technician, Jack relishes the following: camping, fishing,

canoeing, running, tennis, writing, antiques, raising boys, icq chat,

old houses, and art.  Jack:                      


51-24/ SF-28, in Vietnam loves bowling, reading, swimming, music     

(sentimental, pop, and country), travelling and Internet. I love to  

have fun at all I do. If you are open-minded, have a good sense of   

humour, friendly nature, honest and adventurous mentality and from   

anywhere in the world, I'd love to get in touch.                     



52-12/ Married couple from Germany, two children (4 + 6) interested in

many things like reading, movies, motorbiking, family, travelling,   

etc. We have just returned from a holiday trip to Australia, and     

enjoyed it very much. We would welcome e-mails from anywhere, Aussies

preferred. Annette & Andre:                        


36-43/ I'm a 25-yr. old single Chinese male, living in Costa Rica    

for 13 yrs. You may write to me in Spanish if you wish. I am studying

computer science as the University of Costa Rica and would like to   

meet people from all over the world. Please send me a note sometime! 



33-33/ F-27, married with two small boys; I am interested in         

parenting issues, recent issues in the news, crochet, trying new     

recipes, Science Fiction (Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Files, etc.),       

reading, movies, and I like to learn about people from different     

parts of the world. I would like to hear from anyone, from anywhere, 

about anything and I live for E-Mail!                                



54-17/ Single Malaysian lady in mid-forties, trying to communicate   

using email eventhough not brave enough with computers. A children's 

book editor, need to write in English to avoid my command of this    

language getting rusty with age. Mahani:            


42-39/ I'm from Lebanon, happily married, age 32, father of two boys,

working in K.S.A. If you need any information about my country I will

be glad to give it to you. I work in telecommunications as a         

communication engineer and I adore computers and anything related to 

them. I welcome any messages and will be glad to respond to anyone.  



36-30/ Divorced, late 60's, (age and mindset), Michigander. Interests

include reading (mysteries and more), camping (of the type suitable  

for the over-weight and out-of-breath), left-wing politics, dining out

with friends (culinarily challenged), dogs. Retired from counseling  

private practice. Like to giggle. June:                 


20-18/ Californian male, 40, likes the outdoors, reggae music, travel.

I am especially interested in corresponding with people from Japan.  

Also interested in exotic women from all over the world.             



17-06/ Retired teacher, WM75, upstate NY, currently wood carver,     

gardener, and outdoor cook who would like to swap recipes (also makes

bread). I will answer anyone who asks nicely -- that's Upstate NY -- 



50-06/ We are a married couple from Illinois in our early thirties.  

Husband is a History graduate-student who enjoys astronomy and       

fiction; wife is a realtor studying architecture who enjoys quilting 

and reading. Both enjoy their pets and the outdoors and are seeking  

email friends. Tim and Kathleen:                      


65-26/ I'm a 38 yrs. old female from Coconut Creek, Florida. A massage

therapist and homemaker. Danish born and grew up in Ontario, Canada. 

In a commited relationship and looking for friends to chat with.     



69-08/ I am a female, Christian, classical violinist and violin      

instructor, who enjoys watching sports (basketball, tennis, football).

I also enjoy taking long walks, yoga, cooking, looking at antiques,  

movies, and other types of music.  I reside in Pennsylvania, USA.    

Drop me a line.  I would like to hear from prople who live in the US 

and other countries.  Monique:                


36-42/ Hello! I'm a married male, 41, from Ohio. I work in the auto  

manufacturing industry. I like traveling, camping, photography, and of

course computers. My wife and I are both animal lovers and we have 4 

cocker spaniels and 2 Siamese cats to keep us company. I'd love to   

hear from people from all over the world, either male or female, any 

age. Gary:                                        


51-25/ I am a new websurfer and am very interested in astronomy and in

sailing.  I sail a lot in my 27-ft. Catalina and would love to meet  

persons anywhere, especially in the Long Island area.                



40-14/ DWF 50-something, from Southern California - Love to travel   

everywhere, read, go to the theater and movies, walk, talk, eat, be  

with fun people, learn new things and meet new people on and off the 

net. Arlene:                                        


41-45/ I have become a super-geek on the computer. I own a small motel

in Bethany Beach, Delaware, and have my own Homepage. Responding to  

customer inquiries and forming electronic friendships has become quite

a hoot. Expanding my contacts via The E-Mail Club can only be that   

much more rewarding and fun. Give me a buzz! Tom:  


31-19/ DF-32 seeks friendship with anyone who enjoys New Order, the  

Pet Shop Boys, and all kinds of opera music. Will listen to anything 

except country! Have masters degree in psychology from McGill Univ.  

Speak Hindi and some French. Would like to get professional          

certification as psychologist. Love roses, romance, & red wine (the 3

R's? - Ha, ha, I don't think so!) Nina:


27-13/ SWM-38, living in Colorado, is interested in golf, hunting,   

camping, pool, skiing, and motorcycles. Would enjoy receiving email  

from SF's close to my age. I'm available to meet "Ms Right".          



15-02/ M-41, married, Western PA. Interests: reading (biographies,   

history, philosophy, religion, psychology, science fiction),         

biking, running, volleyball, family camping, fishing, genealogy, and 

homelife. I am interested in corresponding with others whether or not

we are like-minded (non-confrontationally).                          



67-10/ Hi!  I live in the LA area.  Separated, and divorce is almost 

complete.  I've been employed at the So.Cal. Gas Co. the last 23     

years.  5ft. 5in., dark hair, thin, and 48.  Hobbies...ham radio,    

playing banjo.  Would rather communicate with women as I talk with   

plenty of men via ham radio.  Please write!  Mike:     


37-24/ DWF-early 40's, redhead, tall, muscular, vegan with one great 

teenage son. Work in health information at local community college.  

I love the computer age, email, & the Internet. Also love the X-files.

I'd love to have email friends worldwide and will answer all.        



18-12/ President of NY communications/media company. Author, former  

journalist, veteran of several successful political and marketing    

campaigns, enthusiastic in-line skater, swimmer. Business trip to    

Sydney, Australia, prompted my interest in e-mailing while traveling 

or at home:Jon:                                     


43-41/ Totally out there Australian 30yo F(eline). I love having fun,

music (from punk to classical), computers, crime fiction, just about 

anything outrageous, movies (arthouse, film noir, etc). I like        

drinking champagne, staying in bed and reading in a bubble bath...   

so zing me! Jane the Cat:                    


25-48/ I am a professional clown (magic, puppets and storytelling) and

would like to contact other clowns and anyone interested in becoming a

clown. Other interests include water gardening, oil and watercolor   

painting, ham radio, model railroading, cooking, play "at" the organ,

music. Retired from the Army but still working. Enjoy the outdoors and

learning anything new. Donn:                   


45-18/ MWF-60. I live in BC, Canada, enjoy Internet, reading (work   

part-time in a library), animals, sports on TV, learning about new   

people and countries. Interested in hearing from anyone, male or     

female. Molly:                                   


30-28/ 59 Male, early retirement, Dallas, Texas. Happily married, 2  

grown children & grandkids. Have lived all over US, from coast to    

coast. Enjoy following stock market, travel domestic & international,

into following all types of sports. Active on Internet.               



49-32/ SWF, retired, 68 yrs, desires to correspond with SWM Senior   

Citizens in the Seattle, Puget Sound area. I enjoy short trips, eating

out, TV, knitting, reading and, of course, corresponding through     

e-mai. I do not smoke or drink (only water). Audrey:


45-05/ SM - early 50's, in San Francisco. I value old-fashioned      

friendship, respect and courtesy. My hobbies are travel, photography,

reading novels, watching documentaries, walking and observing everyday

life. I'm hoping to share these interests with new friends, especially

from other countries. Lou:                      


35-67/ SWF mid-40's. A counselor by trade, I also enjoy reading      

(science fiction, history, archeology), music, dancing, theater,     

movies, outdoors. Always interested in pleasant, thoughtful          

conversation. Marykay:                          


18-09/ MWM 43, ex New Zealander living in Brisbane, Australia. Former

banker; now owns small family construction company. Interests include

travel (have traveled extensively), flying, yachting, fishing, good  

food and stimulating conversation. Looking for e-mail friends world- 

wide. Richard:                                      


90-010/ I am a single parent, 46 years old, 6'3", own my own home,   

print shop, enjoy cooking, gardening (indoors and out), canning,     

writing, have 2,000 books in my library, built my own computer,      




39-10/ M-55 living in England whould like to get to know men and women

from all over the world to talk about holidays, interests, families, 

and the way we live. To all people, "let us talk and get to know each

other". Thank you. John:                        


40-39/ DWF-38 wants E-mail friends. I live in Louisiana and work for a

local phone company. I love the outdoors, camping, swimming and the  

beaches. I love country and oldie music. I love to travel. Will answer

all mail. Cherielyn:                           


21-07/ Honolulu, HI. Author, Seminar leader, Architect, Global       

Residual Income Entrepreneur, IPF Representative. Enjoys world travel,

computers, hiking, camping, videos...and the very best in life. Loves

teaching anyone, including pen friends, how to succeed in a home     

business. Mr. Lorrin Lee:                    


26-05/ Married woman of 75 yrs. Lived in Florida since WW2 was over. 

Migrated from Shreveport, Louisiana, where I spent my late teen      

years. I live in Fort Myers. A computer owner for five months, I have

no one to talk computers with. Jace:              


22-20/ Hello! This is to introduce an inept computer person trying to

get along. I live in Sarasota, Florida, and enjoy music, biking, golf,

and, of course, the computer. Yes, I am a happy retiree hoping to hear

from anyone about anything. Sigmund:         


30-05/ Retired police officer from Long Beach, CA. in 1977. Moved back

to my home town in Iowa. I am 73 and enjoying the more leisurely life.

I am into genealogy, ceramics, oil painting. I am an avid reader and 

enjoy classical music. Computing has become my chief activity and I  

would like to chat with one and all. William:     


25-27/ WM-69, retired, sports enthusiast, computer, music and police 

volunteer. Would like to e-mail with anyone from Europe, especially  

Scandinavia, but will answer all. Fred:           


39-52/ DWF Oregon coast - loves the outdoors - from the ocean to the 

mountains My favorite hobbies are panning for gold and walking the   

beach. I love sending and receiving E-mail.                          



38-14/ English woman 37 years old, happily married, living in the    

UAE hoping to exchange email with people who like easy conversation, 

boats, swimming, the sea, motorcycles, movies, good food, red wine,  

Pink Floyd; crazy about cats, sharing a sometimes obscure sense of   

humor! Gail:                                  


52-07/ I'm a 25 year young American woman, married, and have a 5 year

young boy and a daughter who is 2. My hobbies are cats - I have two  

handsome males, oldies music (especially the Beatles). I also collect

shoes. Anyone, anywhere, any age welcome to reply!                   



41-16/ I am a 28 year old boy from Trinidad & Tobago which is in the 

Caribbean. I am a student of marketing, I am single and live with    

parents & sister. I am 5'8" tall, black hair, brown eyes & 190 lbs.  

Hobbies: soccer, cricket, singing, listening to music & corresponding.

Would like to have email from females 21 to 28. I am looking for my  

Princess; if interested email me: Richard:     


35-65/ I am a 58 year old educator, share my home with two cats and  

two new puppies. I enjoy gardening, home improvement (do it yourself),

bird carving, stained glass, the great out of doors and exploring    

new places. I look forward to meeting new people.                    



54-16/ MF-40, two boys, 9 & 10. Hobbies: travelling, surfing the     

Internet, music, reading, playing piano, emailing female penpals.    

I like going on long walks anywhere, do latchhook and needlepoint,   

knitting and crocheting. Would love to hear from female penpals      

between ages of 30-50 from anywhere in the world.                     



39-60/ I am 59 years, married, with children and grandchildren. I live

in South Australia and my interests include computing, classical     

music, opera, 60's & 70's music, alternative health issues, Aussies  

Rules footy, crosswords. I am a retired teacher and loving it!       



43-46/ 60 yr-old male wishes to communicate, interests: fishing,     

computers, and exchanging relevant info on current location. I am    

presently living in Australia. Thank you.                             



36-25/ WMF-48, enjoys all conversation. Coping with empty nest and   

welcomes the diversion. Karla:                        


80-132/ SWM-41, says Hello from Ohio. Many interests including music 

and railroading, the industry I'm employed in. I would like to hear  

from anyone. Tom:                            


36-59/ Single dad, 42, in San Diego, CA, with son 7. Enjoys family   

life, hiking, biking, brass playing, classical & modern music. Son is

a killer tetherball and T-ball player. Me - not an engineer but play 

one at work. Would enjoy corresponding about family, friends, and    

the trials of staying sane raising kids.



38-26/ Medical and dental doctor, specialist otolaryngologist with   

interest in maxillofacial and oral surgery, plastic and reconstructive

surgery. Born Belgrade, Yugoslavia. SCUBA diving instructor. Have     

interest in classical music, mountain climbing, sailing, photography,

riding, tennis, computers, WordPerfect, history of medicine, diving  

and hyperbaric medicine. Predrag:                


43-39/ Southern U.S. field botanist. Interests include Infinite Way, 

ACIM, SF-fantasy, Thomas and other extra-canonical literature, Merlyn,

folklore and music, classic rock. Varied but selective reading,      

movies, TV. Boy to magick born. Prefer easy man-to-man correspondence,

not debates. Dan:                                       


90-226/ I love to travel and meet new people but my job as comptroller

of a computer company here in Houston does not allow me much time to 

travel, so I thought I'd try this "Superhighway".                    



41-40/ MWF-49, Piscean, in High Mojave Desert. First granddaughter   

born in January in Germany (I am her Oma). We own 10 acres and are   

building a new home. Love animals, have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 donkey,    

several sheep, goats, & hogs. New to Intenet & E-mail. I work in     

Family Housing for the Army and would love to hear from people all   

over the globe with goal of getting back to the "family" by          

communicating more with each other. Mary:            


35-31/ I am a 20 year old computer science student from Lithuania     

who loves cars, cats, computers, girls, trains, bodybuilding, and    

who drives car crazy. Would like to get e-mail from friendly people  

who like to dream. Andrius:                          


05-32/ Widower, 49, born and raised in Ohio; lived adult life New York

Metro. Area (northern NJ). Interests: May-Sept I race every Sunday   

with multihull club (H-Class); classical music, ballroom dancing;    

editor of sailing club newsletter. Designer by training and career.  



52-01/ SWF-18; I am a substitute teacher (lower elementary) and would

love any email not over 100K (newsletters are an exception). I live  

in W. Monroe, Louisiana (moving to Shreveport).                      



60-12/ Male, 55, married, lives in Ontario, Canada. Loves the        

outdoors, boating. would like to email anyone, anywhere.             



40-47/ Salutations!! I am a fun loving, hard working 36/ female/ SE  

Missouri. I have 2 children, dogs, cats and computers. Yes, I'm a    

Gemini! I have 1 grrrrreat husband!! We farm, grow grain. Enjoy,     

gardening, water ski, snow ski, do Memphis, TN, entertain and look at

dirt with spouse! Teresa (Trixie):                    


27-30/ SWM-32, tall. slim, handsome, very affectionate, cheerful,    

gentle spirit; non-smoking. Interests: study religions, nutrition,   

fitness, skating, swimming, listening to and studying people, quiet  

times, music, cuddling, movies. I would enjoy corresponding with trim

young SF'swho are interested. Tom:                    


42-08/ MWM-65 - I love to play with computers even though I don't know

much about them. Love to hear from all people who like to exchange   

ideas, e-mail, or just have fun. I do some oil painting, air-brush   

work, silkscreening, etc., and have many hobbies. Love to travel.    

E-mail me, and I will answer you message. George:


64-02/ DWF in my 40's that lives outside of Chicago. My interests are

my children, my cats, just about any music, computer solitaire,      

bowling, mystery novels and I LOVE anything sci-fi. If you especially

like sci-fi, please write. Sue:                        


26-24/ I'm 44 years old. happily married, with three kids.  

E-mail me. John:                                     


27-28/ My interests - sports: baseball, football, hockey; music:     

country, oldies, 70's (not disco); books: Stephen King, Family PC;    

food: pizza, cheese steaks; movies: drama, horror, favorite is Field 

of Dreams; hobbies: stamp collecting, computer pen pals, rifle & gun 

club. I would like to meet people from other countries, esp. Ireland,

Germany, Russia, & Japan. Joe:                       


50-19/ SWM-28, would like to receive email from all over the world,  

especially Africa. I have a Monty Python, Blackadder type sense of   

humor. Interests include movies, outdoors stuff, environment, music, 

travel and much more. David:                     


35-27/ Happily married female, 39, Lab Technologist. I'm Canadian    

but living in sunny Florida. I love to travel and make new friends.  

Cross Stitching, cooking (love to exchange new recipes) and this     

computer are some of my interests. Anyone wanting to share some ideas

or have a friendly chan, just E-mail. Fern:           


28-28/ Hi...I am a retired lady from Indiana who enjoys bowling and  

computers and that is what I like to talk about! And throw in a      

little about life and staying healthy!! Joan:       


49-04/ HELLO ANYBODY! I'm looking for email to keep life interesting.

Say Hello to a 69 year young widowed Florida guy who's interests range

from old songs from the 30's to classic films. Good sense of humor a 

must. Let's hear from you. Thanks! Bill:       


68-12/ Norwegian M-23 working in silicon industry.  Interested in    

Eastern religions and modern physics, and enjoy descussing           

philosophical topics with open minded people.  I like reading, being 

in nature, ecology, 70's-90's music, creating bonsais and caring for 

my fish.  Please write and tell me about yourself.                   



70-049/ Here is a happy-go-lucky gal who would love to chat via E-mail

with people from all places. I have a husband, son, dog, and two cats

and I live in Canada. E-mail me and we will talk!                    



36-17/ M-43, hobbies are jetskiing, fishing, flying remote control   

airplanes. I like to get E-mail, so PLEASE write to me.              



36-64/ Miami, FL, 55, married; my husband and I are real-estate      

brokers. My husband retired from Eastern Airlines. I like science    

fiction, cats, also enjoy interactive computer games.                



35-08/ I am a 64-year old, happily married retired grandmother, who  

is new to computers and e-mail. I enjoy corresponding with people    

from all over the world for friendly exchanges of ideas, hobbies,    

interests and travel and live experiences. Doris:     


54-20/ Over fifty, professional storyteller, artist and writer. Asian

American woman. Practice Tai-chi, meditation. Enjoy good movies, long

walks, novels, modern poetry, museums and classical music. Welcome   

correspondence from those who wish to share the joy, laughter and    

wisdom of living spontaneously. Li Min Mo:        


31-01/ SF-37, NYC, seeks e-mail pals both male and female. Love old  

movies, the classics, love animals, especially cats. Enjoy cultural  

and outdoor activities as well as computers and the net. I love      

contemporary jazz and easy listening music. Writing is also a pasttime

of mine and enjoy reading mysteries (Mary Higgins Clark, one of my   

favorites. Write soon! Valerie:                       


73-04/ SM-59 from Sydney, Australia. Enjoy walking in wilderness     

areas, camping, cycline and generally keeping fit. Other interests   

include travelling, yoga, photography, cooking and visiting art      

galleries and museums. Still working full time.                      



50-24/ Senior citizen - was in WWII and Korean War as a swab jockey. I

would love to hear from anybody in those campaigns. Also, a great    

lover of bass-fishing. I was very active in the fishing club scene a 

few years ago, right now I just like to fish. Am a great Ohio State  

Buckeye fan, which I hope could prompt some email. I hope so! Would  

like to hear from anyone. Bill:                   


39-34/ SF-57, divorced 7 yrs from ex-fighterjock pilot. Living in    

Austrlia, ready to move back to US. Tall, blue-eyed blonde.Netherlands

born, AU-raised, US citizen. Honest, frank, bossy, nurturing, loving,

earthmother, would love to find soulmate. If you can play 18 holes of

golf, or scuba, sail, ski, foxhunt, are honest, kind and romantic    

you'll do. A  selling artist, I work P/T as a DJ & own horseriding   

property. I love life with a passion. Sophia:


31-32/ I am 38 years old man. I am interested in biology, especially 

genetics. I am Japanese, so, write in English little. Let's modify my

writing.      Kouichi:                        


65-07/ 48 year old single male wishes to contact friends via email. My

hobbies are sports, music, song and dancing. I like concerts, shows, 

setdancing, linedancing. I am looking mainly for female friends around

the world to correspond with. I am open for new interests.           



22-08/ SWM-40, avid alpine (downhill) skier. I ski for corporate team,

enjoy the great out of doors, especially northwoods. Other interests:

flying, sports (old college ice hockey jock), travel, sailing; also  

love classical music, especially from the Baroque period. Would like 

to get to  know people from all over the world. Bob:


43-08/ Scottish female, 33, in Hong Kong, married with 2 little lads.

Interests many and varied; like to run, read (English graduate in my 

dark and distant past), webwading, as opposed to surfing, that is. I 

love books, eating out, wine and just hanging out with friends. Quirky

sense of humour and joie de vivre. Meryl:              


21-01/ I am in mid-fifties, love to read, write children's stories,  

portrait paints. Widowed twice and coming off a sad relationship, so 

no romance, just friends I can talk to.                              

Lady Di:                                             


39-08/ Married couple (he 45, she 39 & counting) from York, PA. We   

enjoy traveling, Porches, making friends, and our business. We also  

enjoy communicating with others via the Internet. Would enjoy heareing

from others from around the world about various topics. We will answer

all messages. Erv & Judy:                       


35-06/ Asian-Indian settled in the U.S., loves sports (baseball,     

cricket, basketball), books, music and making friends. Interested in 

connecting to people of all cultures around the world. Will reply to 

all. Sandeep:                                   


41-62/ DWPM-55 from Montana. My children are grown and I am a         

grandfather. I am fit, non-smoker, gentle, romantic, good listener,  

enjoy conversation, dancing, movies, music, travel, dining and outdoor

activities. Would like to hear from a female with similar qualities  

and interests. Ron:                              


43-12/ I am 70 year old male stuck at home with my Australian sheppard

and my lovely wife Susan. Donald:                      


28-21/ Female, 59, raised 24 years in Europe - share and gain more   

knowledge about European and American history. Also interested in    

current economic and political issues, and philosophy. Exploring more

of Europe and USA in travel. Helge:         


50-104/ I am a M-32 and a life-time Northwest Alaskan. I would greatly

enjoy receiving E-mail from any single woman 19-30.                  



62-13/ Hi from an artistic (oils) WF 50+ some, young! My animals keep

me busy that way. Love to travel, theater, reading (true live stories,

history, and bio's), museums, dancing and music. Own my own business,

dog training, breeding and pet boarding. New on the net, but nothing 

would make me happier than to be known as Animal Nut of the Net.     



20-17/ DWM-45, 6'-195#. Hi there! I'm a Long Islander looking for an 

honest, non-smoking, non-obese female, 30's - 40's age group, who    

enjoys contemporary jazz, 60's rock  n' roll, and the rural outdoors.



90-234/ WF-21, French, enjoys travelling, art, music, various        

subjects, likes nature, loves cats...has broad range of interests and

numerous hobbies. Would like e-mail from people all over the world.  



41-39/ Northwest native, 50's generation, married female. Enjoys     

diversity of age and opinion. Interests include: the arts, politics, 

genealogy, used book stores, humor, and have always enjoyed good     

coffee (pre-Starbucks). Need to practice English? Enjoy exchange of  

ideas? Let's chat. Clara:                          


48-03/ M-35, single, Nigerian - Swiss residence. Hobbies: computing, 

nature, reading, travel, sports, cultures, etc. Most of the time very

funny, free-minded and simple, I like meeting different people and   

wish to have emails with ladies, programmers with knowledge of       

general computing, assembling, configuration & data mgmt, and other  

things in life. Write from anywhere. Emk:     


30-16/ 73 year young widower. I love to play golf, fish, and travel. 

Am interested in chat and friendship from all over. I want mail and  

would love to hear "You've got mail!" Michael:     


65-05/ Outgoing 78 year young man, happily married for 53 years,     

welcomes correspondence from anyone who shares a love of life and the

universe. An ex-Marine Engineer, pretty well travelled, who still    

loves the sea, good books, and has an insatiable curiousity about    

other countries, their people and their customs.                     



65-13/ A 26 years old Nigerian, University educated, Trainee Engineer

with an international oil firm. I am honest and liberal, new on the  

Internet, looking for friends from all parts of the world and all    

ages to relate with. I love travelling and listening to music.       



37-32/ 62 year old married grandfather of twelve in Kansas. Interested

in gardening, music, computers and writing. I have travelled         

extensively in this country and Europe. Correspond with me on any    

subject. Harry:                                 


45-01/ SWF mid-40's living in Florida. Happy, secure, professional   

enjoying life and looking for new challenges. An arts manager, I enjoy

theater, museums, music, and dance even when not working. I love to  

roller blade, walk my little dog, travel, or be with friends. Write if

you would like to share life experiences. Responses from USA as well 

as other countries are welcome. Patti:           

21-02/ UK male, married, lecturer, mid 40's (but still plays in a rock

band). I'm interested in Yoga (bodywork issues), music, food,        

modern novels, computers. Would like to correspond with like-minded  

woman. Mike:                                          


51-17/ I am a 55 year old widow, working as Nursing Supervisor in a  

geriatric home. My interests include dancing, travel, reading and the

Internet. I love nature and the ocean. Presently in Saskatchewan,    

Canada, which is on the prairies. I would love to correspond with    

others out in cyberland. Bev:                   


32-14/ WSM-50, 6ft, 200lb, in southern CA, likes camping, gourmet    

dinners, dancing and looking for a special some one to share the life

with. I like to travel and go to Nevada and Arizona often. Jim:     


80-062/  Male, 32, married, midwesterner.  Actor, Writer, Singer, Day

job computers - looking for interesting email to break up the day -  

love in-depth discussions on sex, religion, philosophy, science - also

also love extreme opinions and shocking stories.  Tell me what you   

won't tell others, I don't judge. Stan:         


35-15/ I am 51, my wife 47. We live in Mesa, AZ. 3 kids grown and    

gone. We love trying new restaurants, reading, movies, cycling,      

swimming, cards, sports, and making new friends via email. Please    

write. Bob and Sheryl:                            


35-54/ MWM-63, So.Calif., world traveler, several occupations,       

college degrees, professional certifications and licenses; interested

in computers, beach resorts, jungles, Jeeps, airplanes, sports cars, 

antique Fords, firearms and real estate. Lived last 20 years in      

mountains overlooking Pacific ocean; previous 15 in Latin America    

& Asia. Fluent Spanish & Portuguese. Russ:             


26-23/ Sales Management professional; music-guitar and piano-player. 

Enjoy going to the movies, sports, racquetball and cooking. Fun to be

around...Type "A" personality. Looking to meet folks.                



47-27/ DWF-52, teaches Special Ed, 7th grade. Lives in St. Clair     

Shores, Michigan. Has two adorable dogs, loves animals and will not  

wear fur. Interested in sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, mysteries for    

reading or movies. I need to know more about computers.              



18-03/ Talk Ticker To Me! Can you discuss GCI, MO, WMT, HSN, ETRS,   

etc.? I'm 42, divorced, have a wonderful 12 y.o. son. I like the     

above, computing, nature walks, birding. I'm petite, blonde, southern

& live in Virginia Beach, searching for someone like-minded in this  

area. Mary:                                          


36-49/ F-42 near Columbus, Mississippi, happily married for 22 yrs., 

have daughter, 20. Husband is retired USAF. I love to chat on IRC and

enjoy getting mail. A certified Memphis Barbeque Judge, I judge about

8 to 10 contests a year, including the World Championship Barbeque   

Cooking Contest in Memphis. Would love to hear from anyone.          



22-17/ Private investigator. Counterintelligent Agent (former life). 

BS degree and over 2000 hours added training. I live in MI and have  

traveled extensively, having conducted sub rosa investigations on four

continents; lived 3 yrs. in Europe. Gary:             


43-19/ SWM. Hi - I'm 26yo (1997) electrician living in Sydney,       

Australia. Love cars, especially fast ones. Love outdoors, sports &  

money. Would like to speak to anyone & everyone about anything. Don't

hesitate to e-mail me now! Steve:                      


50-208/ SWM 43, NY. Let's discuss traveling, gardening, ballroom     

dancing, photography and outdoor activities. I also like celestial   

bodies, spiritual matters, computers and environmental protection,   

among other things. E-mail would be appreciated from anyone and      

especially from single females 32-45. Jay:        


50-174/ 50 WM; 511"-190#, manager. Interests include electonics, golf

computers, fishing, sailing, (have own boat), camping, and cars. NE AL

(about 30 mi. from Huntsville). Interested meeting members of either 

sex for friendship and communications. Noel:


27-49/ I am retired, age 76. I play the violin in two orchestras,    

as well as in chamber music. I am an avid bridge player too.         



39-65/ Brazilian man near 50, married, agricultural engineer, two    

girls 19 & 22 now in university far away, three Persian cats. Live   

near Iguassu Falls. I enjoy computing, reading, computing - speak    

British English and German. Would like to email anyone, anywhere, and

talk about everything. Father Dutch, mother German. Have special     

interest in spiritual things. Fred:             


33-26/ SWM-30, El Paso, TX; varied interests: reading, movies, women,

movies, music,  massages, Australian women, and cuddling. Seeks SF   

Australia. Seeking SF 21-36 with similar or not so similar interests,

21-35 with similar nor not similar interests (possible companionship).

So let's email. Take the challenge and treasure our differences as   

much as our sililarities. Victor:                  


37-30/ M-60, in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia's first satelite city.       

Ex-broadcaster (radio/TV/film). Interests: my beautiful family,      

research & documentary film writing, videeography, traveling, cooking,

the outdoors. Have traveled most of world as broadcast journalist.   

Like to share experiences and opinions on any subject. New to Net, but

guarantee prompt replies. Tahir:                    


36-07/ I'm from Texas and I am looking forward to making new friends 

on the Internet. I like to travel, I like photography (sunsets,      

sunrises), I paint, I like to read; I'm a square-dancer (attended a  

world sq-dance convention in Sweden); as I am near the coast I like  

to fish. Trudy:                                   


50-20/ Age 71 - Grandmother, gr. grandmother-Aging, would love to hear

from someone going thru changes. Love the sea shore, reading good    

books, and enjoy people in general. Retired, trying to live on it.   

Worked 25 years with needs children. Ms Louise:    


32-07/ MWM 52, living in Central Alabama. I write short stories, like

most animals and love E-mail. Would like to hear from any female from

40 to 55. I spend most of my free time at the computer. Will respond 

to anyone. Ken:                           


47-12/  Cuban M-66 & Columbian M-36, wish to correspond, preferably  

with gentlemen. Main interests are travel, classical music -         

especially piano, making friends all over the world - mainly Spanish 

speaking penpals, Internet, etc. Will answer all.                     

Raul & Charles:                                      


60-108/ Dallas, TX, single fun-loving woman perfers men 35-55. Midwest

transplant, enjoys traveling, dining out and at home, playing cards  

and board games, movies, sports, cooking, sewing, reading, and       

walking. I would enjoy sending and receiving E-mail:                 



31-29/ Hello from Missouri. I am in mid-life, have a husband, four   

dogs and a Mac computer. Because I work from my home, I spend most of

my time alone and would enjoy talking to just about anyone about just

about anything. I like to read (mysteries at the present time) am    

trying to start a flower garden, enjoy traveling and am prone to take

in stray animals. Ariana:                              


40-07/ DWF-59, relocated to upstate Sc, via NJ, MD, CA & CT. I       

enjoy going here and there, the mts., reading, audio books, antiques,

flea markets, movies, eating out, gardening, being creative and my   

little lake house. Hope to make some interesting e-mail friends.     



30-04/ My name is Pamela and I live in Minnesota, a northern state in

the U.S. I am very interested in different cultures and travel. I am 

the mother of seven, five of whom we adopted from outside the U.S. I 

have my PhD in clinical psychology and work with severly disturbed   

children and their families in a hospital setting. Love to hear from 

anyone, and write to all. Pamela:                 


35-16/ Fountain Hills, Arizona. Very active retired couple. Both love

to travel and enjoy company and friendly conversation. I worked in   

Southeast Asia (Hello, Thailand) and Australia, as well as in South  

America and in Eastern Europe. I love corresponding by E-mail and    

expanding my horizons. Nick:                        


25-37/ I am an aging writer: a woods-dweller on a beautiful river    

that flows out to a nearby sea. I have been an amateur naturalist for

many years and a solitudinarian by choice and circumstance for the   

last five. I have also been an editor, teacher, and sometimes poet.  

Although a recent septuagenarian, I am often considered to be much   

younger in attitude and interests. I write of voles, foxes, hawks,   

wildflowers and the river. Would you care to exchange some lines with

me? John:                                   


42-10/ New to the Web, 60+ female who would like to hear from        

fun-loving people. Like art and travel. Will give support for         

rheumatoid arthritics. Also have enviromental concerns.              



44-04/ History, classical music, jazz, theatre, walking, genealogy,  

travel, and transcribing old documents for a local historical society

keep this 67-year old "retired" Pennsylvania man heartily alive.     

Respect for the environment places me in common-sense approaches to  

making and keeping our planet a decent place for future generations. 



30-07/ DWM-42, 5'8", 160#, Masters degree, two children, would like  

to hear from women in their mid to late thirties and exchange .GIF   

files (especially in the New England area). Looking for long term    

relationship with intelligent, slim, average looking woman. Romantic 

at heart, will travel to meet. Berry:               


35-55/ SF-55 in the ed. biz in So. Calif., widely traveled (though   

neither widely nor often enough), likes writing, singing, cats,      

cooking, the ocean, chocolate and hugs. Prizes time, humor, integrity,

respect and kindness. In search of literate, witty correspondents.   



40-65/ Cubicle dwelling programmer would like E-mail friends.        

Voracious reader, write a little (but don't make friends give        

reviews). Revel in small SoCal garden on weekends with husband and   

cat. Beginning violin player, eclectic musical tastes. Trying to get 

organized, failing badly, still cheerful. Jill:        


32-16/ SWF, 59, enjoys meeting new people and exchanging ideas       

about many subjects. I teach college courses part time and am        

interested in travel, keeping fit, gardening, history and music.     

Mary Ann:                                      


21-15/ M-55, Southern England, married, retired bank manager. New to 

computing. Interests include country music, travel, bowling (flat    

green), theater, most other sports (watching), keeping fit, gardening,

reading, and caravanning. Looking for email friends around the world.



48-21/ American of color living in London, England. A vegetarian, I  

have studied the Ancient Mysteries for 30+ yrs; give readings via    

astrology & numerology. Spent 3.5 yrs in Vietnam in 5th Special Forces

Gp. Looking for female friend (mate) who shares my interests: I like 

to cook, work on my 1970 MGBGT, read, write on occult, plus computer.

Need html help for web-based business. Raphael:  


34-09/ Hi!...61 year old, married, father of 2 and 5 grandchildren.  

Recently retired and now discovering the world of the Internet. Have 

travelled throughout Canada and the US as well as the British Isles. 

Live on Canada's west coast near Vancouver. Interests include        

gardening, golf, fishing (when they want to bite), riding my new bike

(after 40 years without one). Would love to hear from anyone from    

anywhere. Albert:                                  


22-24/ 37 years old, married, I live in western NY and enjoy cooking,

reading, crafts, and writing poetry. New to computers, I love email  

and would like to make friends from anywhere in the world!           



35-72/ Canadian businessman. Creative and marketing communications   

background. Family lives in large wilderness area by the coast, just 

outside metro. Lots of critters & children too. Interested in creative

communications, ideation and entrepreneurial thinking, nature tours, 

bike hikes and fixing things. Richard:           


36-21/ Single male living in the high desert of Oregon. I work as an 

"employment specialist". I am interested in humor and attempt some   

writing as a hobby. I enjoy the outdoors and like to hike and fish. I

practice weight lifting daily. I would answer any mail to exchange   

views and experiences. Patrick:                 


42-37/ New to Internet user seeking interesting e-mail from    

around the world. Interests include music (just about all kinds),    

singing, theater, reading, quality movies old and new. I am a married,

20-something California native interested in learning about foreign  

cultures and making new friends. Jenifer:         


38-24/ F-35 from Southern California would like to have email penpals

to talk about life, love, struggles, hopes & dreams. Like to hear good

jokes. I work hard, love to be with friends, play rollerhockey, run &

cycle. Also, love going to the movies & chit-chatting about          

celebrities. Eve:                                     


30-33/ SWF-38, healthcare professional. Interests include football   

(Bronco's), volleyball, rollerblading, recquetball, swimming, animals,

travel, and having fun. New to computer world; would like to meet    

interesting males and females. Hoping to develop some quality e-mail 

relationships. Send me a note and let's get acquainted!              



40-68/ Hi, I am Linda, and I live in Alberta. Self-employed. Enjoy   

animals (own dogs, cat and horses). Love to talk to anyone about     

anything and everything. Spend hours (and I mean hours) surfing. I   

enjoy meeting new people and love getting E-mail. Interests are      

varied. Linda:                                 


26-52/ Los Angeles CA, Male 39, married with two beautiful daughters.

Computer field engineer for 19 years. Besides enjoying computers and 

the Internet, I'm a PSION palmtop computer enthusiast. I enjoy the   

outdoors, music, travel. I love a great cigar and a vintage port.    



56-02/ Hi from S. Texas! I am Pat, wife of Harvey, mom to Paul (34) &

Ashley (11). I would like e-mail friends from all over the world. A  

few of my interests are: reading, watching animals play, computer. I 

collect anything with cats on it. I would like some birthday twins for

Dec. 8th of any year, or Dec. 8, 1943. Will answer any who want a good

friend. Write soon. Pat:                                


04-180/ MWM, 49, 5'8"-165#, Minneapolis, MN, professional. Some travel

for work. Loves sailing boats, camping, computers, hiking, snow      

skiing, biking, cooking, fine arts, and talking. Three children, two 

in college. Would enjoy corresponding on any subject with M or F.    



05-87/ DWM, 54, 6'-1", 170#, degree, self-employed, in S.E. Arizona. 

I enjoy horseback & motorcycle riding, mountain camping, home        

improvement, computers, walking, ladies, companionship (+/-).        



25-21/ M-W-56 Retired police officer. Married, have two grown        

children. Interests: computers, NFL football, Las Vegas, fine foods, 

and enjoying live and would like to communicate with everyone who    

wants to. Robert:                                        


41-07/ SWM in my 50's, retired school administrator. My interests are

in Christmas decorations, mainly glass ornaments, house restoration  

and renovation, and my hobby is chair caning and reglueing of wobbly 

chairs. If these topics interest you, please write.                  



90-069/ Forty-something married female from Florida. I work at home  

as a rewriter. Interests include reading, writing, movies, dogs,     

emailing, and the computer. My main hobby is miniatures; am currently

furnishing a large dollhouse, include knitting and cross-stitching   

mini pillows, quilts, etc. Would love to chat!                       



50-192/ Male, 46, SoCA - Interests: GOLF, spectator sports, business,

antiques, walking, movies. I recently sold a screenprint company. I  

am looking for another business; possibly a franchise.               



36-37/ I am a two children's father, one 2 years and one 2 weeks old.

I work in a construction firm and I am fond of playing computer      

game and internet. Hong Kong. Mr. Y. Shing:        


45-29/ SM-24, Born in Iran, brought up in India. Lived in India for 12

yrs, in Iran for past 5 yrs. I work for international import/export  

company - started as novice but due to hard work appointed to Export 

Manager. Like outings, watching movies (American & Indian)), listening

to music, playing cricket, making friends, traveling abroad. Would   

like to make friends all over the world. Shirazi:


45-25/ I am 37, divorced and female. I live on the open prairie in   

Kansas and enjoy the arts (as a participant as well as an admirer) and

would enjoy e-corresponding with others. Life is good here; care to  

share it with me for a moment? Jeanne:            


41-60/ I am soon to be retiree. New to computer, love it! Interested 

in clairvoyance, etc. Animal lover! Wanting friends to visit with. I 

collect Teddy Bears - you can never have too many bears. Love to hear

from some folks! Rita:                               


47-46/ I am 55 years old and I am from Sydney, Australia. I work on  

the computer at home and want to correspond with people. I enjoy     

music, reading, good conversation etc. I have traveled extensively   

overseas. I look forward to receiving mail.                          



51-15/ SWM Senior, diabetic, lives in California. New to computers and

E-mail. Hobbies are E-mailing, travel, square dancing, bocci. I      

volunteer with the Red Cross and Civic Theater. Retired from Air Force

and Corrections. Born in NYC, lived in Jamaica, traveled all over the

world. Will answer all E-mail from ladies. Bill:


47-37/ Professional singer/songwriter/musician for 17 yrs. I'm single,

live in Florida, rollerblade, kyack, swim & hang at the beach some.  

Just into frisbee golf - what a blast! I travel quite a bit with my  

music career.

Interested in like-minded positive thinking people who know that 40  

is NOT old. Mindy:                                   


23-40/ Sweden; I am 15 years old and interested in computers (MAC),  

Internet, strategy-games and sports (soccer, icehockey). I have just 

started programming in C++. Henrik:                   


36-11/ I am a retired engineer; married; grandparent. I work part    

time at a local golf course during the summer to help pass the time. 

In addition to golf, my hobby is genealogy. The surnames Kingsbury,  

Townsend, Krauel, and Garwood are of particular interest, and I       

would like to correspond with anyone with the same interests.        



50-067/ Male, 39, career military officer. New to Colorado. Former   

serious runner and triathloner now an avid tennis player. Enjoy      

hiking, mountain biking, cooking, fine food and wine. New to CIS.    



62-09/ Hi! 27-year-old Japanese woman, married, living in Tokyo. I   

love traveling, reading, cooking, and emailing with people from all  

over the world. Let me know about you, your region, your culture, etc.

I will write back to all! Yukie:                 


22-02/ MF-37, enjoys receiving email from anyone, anywhere. I will   

correspond with anyone nice. Hobbies: books by Anne Rice, Dean Koontz,

movies, music, and taking care of 17-mo. old son. Also, Star Trek    

trivia, Beatles memorabilia, sports events. Looking forward to hearing

from you.Barbara:                                     


29-18/ SDF-40; I love to dance, golf, travel. I prefer corresponding 

with single men. Debra:                           


31-20/ Attractive, eclectic, enthusiastic, loving, affectionate and  

nice 51 year old divorced woman inerested in meeting a man who wants 

to spend time with her and who will appreciate being nurtured. I'm a 

great talker and even better listener. I like a man to care about his

looks -   informal is fine, but do dress in style! I am both cerebral

and emotional, passionate about my ideas, spiritually motivated and  

love to do everything. I want an intelligent, loving man who really  

likes accomplished women. Let's talk! Stephanie:   


30-34/ Transplanted Michigan retiree now living in Sun City, AZ.     

Married and it's been great. Interests: Golf (5-6 times weekly);     

other interests are investing, reading, traveling the West, plus     

dining at the many restaurants in Phoenix area. If coming this way,  

e-mail me   and I can give you things to do in this beautiful state. 

Other e-mail messages gladly received. John:            


42-27/ Looking for ballroom-dancing partner (beginner's level) in    

South Jersey/Philadelphia area. A new member of USA Ballroom Dance   

Assn, my intention is to attend classes at least twice a week (day or

evening) as soon as possible, continuing through spring. Happily     

married black woman, 55, retired corporate executive. My husband of 15

years doesn't dance!! Frances:                      


59-02/ Retired Navy vet, 43, South Dayton, NY, single. I enjoy fishing

and hiking & anything dealing with outdoors. Recently retired from 26

yrs. in Navy, I have traveled over 63 countries and still enjoy      

travel. I also enjoy computers and love to hear about new hot sites. I

also enjoy bowling, cooking, and conversation. I look forward to     

talking with anyone sharing similar interests. Gary:


52-29/ Amanda, 32, lives in London. Married, no children - currently 

on IVF programme, looking for e-pals in similar situation.  Other    

hobbies include DIY, gardening, cats and travel.  Going to Utah this 

September - anyone been out there or live there?                     



37-07/ I live in North Wales in the Snowdonia National Park, and run 

an Internet business. I like computer information, playing around with

computers, music (especially jazz & bigbands); also play drums. In   

spare time I go salmon fishing and tie salmon and trout flies. Would 

love to correspond with anyone with similar interests.               



28-02/ Journalist, husband, dad, 45, from NE USA with quick wit,     

several fishing rods and too many power tools would like to hear from

people who like to talk about books, family life, home improvement,  

camping, cooking and anything else. Paul:         


40-72/ CEO of Global Services, Inc., representing corn and peanut    

farmers in Georgia and bordering states. We formulate long-term      

agreements to supply corn and peanuts to governments, distributors, &

corporations worldwide. Member, Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, son  

is a jet fighter pilot.        



39-13/ Widow-62, living in Oregon. Nurse. Enjoy cooking, candy making,

crafts, RVing, dining out, movies (clean), church, garage sales,     

computer (just learning), reading, debating politics, sightseeing,   

music (CW, 50's, classical). Want to broaden my horizons by meeting  

and making new friends. Please let me meet you. I hate an empty Email

box. Write soon. Anita:                                


33-10/ Born and raised in Tokyo. Male, 55, sixth generation in the   

same place. I like traveling to meet people around the world. I would

like to visit you some day and welcome you anytime to my house. So   

it will be exciting to meet you soon even through e-mails. I visited 

40 countries and 120 people from abroad stayed at our accomodation   

last 30 years. Mainly from the U.S.                                  



35-11/ Widowed white male, 56, retired military, former civil servant.

I live in southeastern Arizona. Interests: computing (user), writing,

editing, publishing, amateur photography, and corresponding with     

anyone, regardless of intrests. Dale:              


35-62/ MF-53 with 5 grown kids. I'm manager of a medical office and  

interested in theatre, reading (enjoy Pat Conroy, Dick Francis, Mary 

Higgins Clark, David Gerrold, Robin Cook, and biographies), music    

(classical/show/and kids' rock/jazz band), travel, movies, TV, and   

computers. 5 yrs on CS; I think electronic communication is the      

greatest thing since sliced bread. Bev:     


36-35/ I am a 48 MWM with five children. I have been living on a     

religious Kibbutz in Israel for the last 25 yrs after coming here from

Canada. I am presently enrolled in Hebrew U. in a masters program in 

information studies and library sciences as well as working as a     

production manager in a factory we have on the kibbutz.              



90-180/ Native New Yorker; M-31, married with house, 2 kids, 2 cars, 

and a dog-"the all American family." College grad (finance major), I 

work for my family-owned printing company. I would love to hear from 

anyone, married, single, young or old who loves to get E-mail. I enjoy

boating, traveling, dancing and family fun stuff.                     



47-14/ M-39, medical doctor (gynecology & obstetrics), living in     

Bento Goncalves, south of Brasil, near Argentina. I enjoy music,     

computers, books, wines, sports, scuba diving and travel. I would like

to talk with people in the rest of the world.                        

Jose Eduardo:                                


50-112/ Entrepreneurial spirit. Business owner & a happy single man  

living in SoCA five yrs. World traveller, loves music, good food, and

outdoors. E/Indian born in Africa, 44, 511"-150#. Love to chat with  

either sex. Rashmi:                           


43-13/ I'm a 51 year old male, live in Japan. I'm interested in music,

computer (design, building and programming), science, technology and 

nature. Since I'm not good at English language, I hope your advice   

through exchanging e-mail. Tohda:                 


23-13/ Female, 38, located in central Illinois. Looking to meet people

from all over. I have relatives in Japan; if anyone interested there,

please write. Like to write to any type person; especially interested

in people with alternative lifestyles.                               



47-26/ Greetings! I live in the St. Louis area. I have a wide range of

interests among which are scuba, fossils, camping, reading, etc. I'm 

married and have 3 children. I like to talk to people so if you want,

send me an email. Steve:                                 


20-22/ WMM-42, interested in most sport, especially rugby, horse-    

racing, athletics, and basketball; also interested in environmental  

issues and politics. Hobbies: computers, reading (tech and computing),

music, and backpacking. Would like to communicate with anyone with   

common interests. Durban, S. Africa. Michael:    


20-27/ Tall, slim, atractive, American man (divorced) of Swedish     

descent, 56, living in N.Y. Especially interested in corresponding   

with Swedish women of about the same age (but I'd be happy to hear   

from anyone who likes to correspond, and I don't want to discourage  

anyone). Ray:                                       


36-09/ I am 49 and retired. My hobbies are: reading, chess, travel,  

spectator sports and computers. Art:                


56-10/ Japanese female (47) living in the U.S.A. Currently studying  

English Linguistics (since I feel a need to think things in English).

I am interested in Taoism, Zen; I like Alan Watts a lot. I practice  

Yoga. I like both reading and writing verses and prose; I like Dorothy

Parker. If this somewhat inspires you, please let me hear from you.  



67-03/ White male, 46 yrs, living in upstate New York (Rochester). I 

married my wife in 1992 after being postal mail pen pals for almost  

two years.  It is not practical for us to travel extensively, but this

club is the next best thing to satisfying my curiosity about all     

international things.  Larry:                       


46-31/ SWF-49, 5'3"-145#. Russian-American, 16 yrs in USA.           

Ex-Californian, now Mid-Western, attractive, warm, fit, vibrant &    

down to earth. Herbalist, own my business and greatly enjoy it.      

Altern. Medicine, eastern philosophy, astro-psychology, literature, I

like beauty in everything, especially in human relationships. Let's  

email. Emilia:                                


70-047/ Single heterosexual male, 37, in the middle of Iowa. Good    

health and humor. Loves good acoustic guitar music. Systems analyst. 

Likes watching/playing basketball, reading, science, current events. 

Would like to correspond with any Club members.                      



50-005/ Unique, trim, G/L, Single male living in Southern CA seeks   

trim ladies. Bill:                                 


41-51/ I am an engineering student in Bangladesh, born in 1977.      

My name is Raquibul:                              


50-203/ Divorced British Attorney, late 30's. Many interests, holidays

frequently in US, seeks E-mail with attractive stylish female (late  

20's thru 30's); view to possible long-term relationship.            



24-14/ New to Internet, I would like e-mail from all fishermen and   

women on the Connecticut, Rhode Island Coast. Trying to learn how to 

fish for blues and stripers in the rivers. Other interests include   

woodworking, blacksmith, and gardening. It will be a long winter so  

feel free to e-mail me. I will answer all. Kenny:     


26-01/ Japan: housewife, 35, interested in rock (Rush, Dream Theater &

a lot more progressive rock artists), parakeets, computer (Mac),     

stationery, and writing letters. My languages are English, Japanese. 

I would like female friends from USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan.      



26-48/ Hello there. I'm a senior citizen from Florida. Female, single,

good sense of humor, attractive, slim, health food nut. Interested   

in the stock market, antiques, and would love to have an e-mail      

friend. Jean:                                       


22-09/ Ex-world traveler, WM-36, green eyes, 511" good shape. Lived  

from Japan to Germany and almost everything in middle. Started flying

young, lived by self since 16. Left flying '90, fell in love with    

computers. Wishes to hear from couples and ladies coming through St. 

Louis, MO, area or who would like a penpal. Fred:


37-17/ M-54 living in NYC suburb. Retired business manager and       

computer programmer. Currently have my own very small software        

company. Interests - history, archaeology, travel, adventure and     

mystery novels, folk and classical music, conversations, trivia and  

people. George:                                


90-059/ Hawaii: SWM-45, 175# vegetarian loves life. Owns wedding     

company, performs romantic weddings in Hawaii's beautiful nature     

scenes. Captains 56' teakwood sailingship, raises exotic parrots.    

Eastern philosophy, yoga, scuba, pets, jazz, tropical horticulture. I

love intimacy and laughter. ISO attractive spiritually inclined lady.



27-32/ I'm 46, a scientist, and I like gardening, cooking,           

needlecraft and computing. I live in Cheshire, England.              



24-04/ S. Californian, Married female, upper 40's. Three children, one

dog, bichon frise. I like to travel by train and car; read British   

mysteries and novels. I also like movies. Originally from Midwest,   

am new to computers. Wish to correspond with others from any         

countries; most interested in Great Britain. Pat:  


41-01/ Male, 38 years, living in a small town in Holland. Married,   

three children, two cats, one dog. This is a wonderful way to 'speak'

to interesting people around the world. Hobbies: fitness, computer,  

my dog, building my own house. Profession: officer (Cavalry).        



39-43/ Cool widowed female looking for over 65 gent with a good      

humor and healthy attitude toward living. Retired from entertainment 

world, love writing both words and music, and books, have 3 married  

children and like living in this small city near Palm Springs. Love  

getting mail. WILL ANSWER ALL. Harriet:          


40-53/ New Zealand male, 25. New to the Internet. Interest in cars,  

fishing, movies, long drives, meeting new people, talking to people  

from other countries. I am into 70's and 80's music, romantic nights,

hiking, flying. I am open minded and friendly with a good sense of   

humor. Carl:                                           


55-10/ WCDHM, Vietnam Vet, enjoys Venice and Santa Monica Beach at   

sunset. Harley-Davidson and Ducati Desmo MC's, lively conversations  

with intelligent women who enjoy arguing for argument's sake. Home   

is San Bernardino Mountains and I am looking for a Bull Terrier pup or

yearling male. I'm disability retired but work for a Jewish carpenter.



33-12/ MWM, retired telephone man, wood-worker, duplicate bridge     

player and fisherman. Love to travel to out of the way places and    

photograph animals. Lubbock, Texas. Lynn:    


24-25/ SF, 45 (looks younger), computer professional living /working 

in Washington DC suburbs. I enjoy music, movies, plays, reading      

mystery books, watching soaps and sending/receiving e-mail. I'm      

looking forward to building friendships thru e-mail with people all  

over the world. Shirl:                               


30-06/ Ontario, widow, 51, works as a Care Clown at local hospital,  

lives in century old home fully renovated over 31 yrs. Was manager of

garden center and later own accounting business. I love to read, cook,

travel, live theater, and almost any craft including china painting. 

I want to hear from others in humour-health field but really enjoy   

receiving any E-mail. Pat:                            


21-05/ Jakarta, Indonesia; I am a 47 years of age male (Judy is a    

man's name in Indonesia), married with one little daughter of 6. I   

work as a General Manager for a distribution company.                



38-23/ 40 year old female wants penpals - U.S. and abroad with       

similar interests. I enjoy movies, travel, animals, mystery novels,  

and cooking. I visit family in Europe often. We have 2 wonderful dogs

and 2 funny cats. Susan:                           


72-03/ M-42, English. Email seems preferable to the phone. My        

interests are reading, golf, keeping healthy (trying to). Not so     

keen on zenophobes and whingers. Married. Two children, teenagers.   

Hoping to avoid mid-life crisis. Frank:         


72-13/ I am a grandmother 62 yrs old from St. Charles, MO. I would   

like to share talk and experiences with anyone interested. I work in 

the nursing field part-time and babysit my 2 yr. old grandson when not

working. Barbara:                                     


23-29/ NH seacoast area USA, SWM-44 (Yes, still ISO!) Interests      

include reading, writing, keeping fit body & mind, and playing on the

computer. Interested in correspondents in and out of the States.     

"One thing you always know is that you never know."                  



49-23/ I am a 48 year old married man in Kansas City, KS. I like     

everything in life. I like to receive email and am very interested in

learning about life styles and customs in other countries. If you just

want to chat and have a good email buddy, drop me a line please!     



68-09/ My interests include music - a little bit of everything,      

movies, playing frisbee and am willing to try new things.  I want to 

learn to SURF.  I am willing to talk about life and what it takes to 

survive it day by day.  I'm shy - very shy.  Any shy girls out there 

willing to talk to me.  It seems I'm attractive to the quiet type.   



46-12/ Japanese American male, 56, single. I live in Los Angeles,    

California. Love to windsurf and snow ski, also enjoy movies and TV, 



36-60/ San Antonio, 48 yr. old married father of one. Native Texan,  

self employed, small business owner. Private pilot, enjoys travel,   

computers, and sports. Will talk with anyone about anything.         



20-07/ Rural Northern CA entrepreneur, M-42 with several successful  

businesses. Sort of married but lonely, with definite teenage        

children. Open to conversation by email to start. Interests are life,

love, freedom, restaurants as business, cooking, gardening as art and

relaxation, construction, music from rock to reggae, internet, and mac

computers. Stephen:                                


24-05/ Malaysia: I own a pharmacy and my main interest is doing      

business. Other interests include reading, traveling, and having good

discussions. I have three kids, aged 2-8. Anybody is welcome to      

contact me. Zulki:                                 


42-55/ DWF, So. Calif., USA, over 50, but who gives a damn? Love the 

world, its diversity, its incredible beauty. Think the Internet is the

greatest thing since chocolate. If we all get to know each other here,

no politician will ever again be able to lead us into war. Write to  

me! Barbara:

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