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Comments from Members about The Email Club

I must say the Email Club is the best thing I found on the internet.

The friends my husband I have made through your web sites are extraordinary. We hope that your Club will continue to attract such interesting members.
Bernie & Naomi

I can't thank you enough for starting The Email Club! I thoroughly enjoy it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Your club is wonderful, better then any other on the net as all sorts of people, with all sorts of interests are applying. Keep up the wonderful work.

I will say that since the site has been updated, I have been getting more requests to be a pen-pal, so much so that I haven't even had to go looking for one myself. What you are doing has been, in my opinion, a success, so congratulations, and thank you.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your work in the past. Joining the Email Club is the smartest thing I have done since going online. I have met many very interesting people and now have friends all over the world thanks to the club. Many thanks and good luck in the future.

I would like to thank you for creating this club. I love it!!!!

Thank you very much! After looking over the membership directory it is everything that I expected -- and more! Again, thanks.

Thanks again, mate - you're doing a great job for a lot of grateful people!

I have been a member of The Email Club for more than a year now, and it is high time I wrote to thank you for your efforts...You have done a wonderful job keeping the organization going on a courteous and non-commercial basis.

. . .kudos to you for taking this wonderful club concept so far - You done Good! Best of luck to you!

I enjoy the Newsletter. I have met tons of friends through it on e-mail and two in person. . . Thanks for your help.
Mary Ann

Well, my friend, thanks for creating such a cool club.

I have told many of my S.E. Missouri friends about you. Get ready. They are going to bombard you with subscriptions. Usually don't find great service like this! Many, many thanks!!

The Email Club has attracted thousands of members in over 50 countries: England, Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Austria, Lithuania, Chech Republic, Capri, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Gibralter, Cyprus, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Phillippines, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zaire, Saudia Arabia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, throughout the continental United States, and elsewhere.

The Club's membership-list is confidential, and is NEVER sold.

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